soul finder


The latest alpha build added NPCs that allow you to queue for older content, such as Dragon Soul Raid Finder, Mists of Pandaria Raid Finder, and Mists of Pandaria Scenarios.

You can queue by yourself or with a group for all of this content, and whoever is in the group will be able to enter the instance. There is no automatic matchmaking.


MMO Champ 

This pleases me greatly, I got alts who are REAL sad to have missed out on some old LFR transmog gear!

anonymous asked:

you know those stories where somebody finds their soul mate by using a watch or whatever? Um, I was wondering if I could use your characters to write a fan fiction about this idea, except turned completely on its head (there's multiple ways to find a soul mate, soul mate doesn't mean life's romantic partner per se, soul mate finders aren't always accurate, and Scott/Paige/Vincent's never work right because they have more than one soul mate) Erm, sorry for babbling