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Last night, I was lying down in my pile of garbage and I thought to myself, 'hey, self -- what about hockey players as various mythical creatures?" So if you're down to indulge the idea, I've got a couple thoughts? Like, for one, Nephilim Sidney, AKA: angelic strategic/militaristic leadership capabilities, devotion and loyalty, strong moral compass, and unbelievable beauty, BUT human goose honk laugh, sense of humor, occasional lack of gracefulness, and fully functioning sex drive, all (1/11)

More under cut. Like a lot more. But it’s an epic so highly recommend

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can i just ask why you say that samifer is torture and sam getting treated like crap?? because lucifer never hurt sam and always asked for consent and tried to explain his point of view. also hallucifer was just a hallucination and sam's mind beating himself up. so idk??

Fact is, if Lucifer had ‘never hurt’ Sam or tortured him, a hallucination of him would have NEVER scared Sam. It’d be no different than hallucinating about the dog he used to play with as a kid.

But no, seeing Lucifer terrified Sam, it was a very powerful emotional response to the point where Sam would flinch and cower everytime Lucifer came close to him as if expecting him to flay him open again or rape him, or do you know nothing about psychology and psychological responses? 

It’s obvious that he did rape him, and Lucifer reminded Sam about it in the show even, telling him he made him his bitch in ‘every sense of the word’. Hell, we have confirmation as of this past SFCon from Mark Sheppard that yes, Lucifer raped Sam in hell.

At the end of the day, there is NO question.

Lucifer psychologically and physically tortured Sam, raped Sam, abused Sam, tore Sam apart, filleted his soul, flayed him open, made him feel like he was less than shit, wrecked that boy to the core to the point where Sam flinched practically every time Hallucifer was near. That level of fear from someone as strong as Sam, who as a hunter has seen the worst kind of bad in the world and never fearfully fled, who’s faced everything head on, except for a hallucination? THAT level of fear speaks volumes about what Sam endured at Lucifer’s hands in hell.

In Hallucifer’s presence he shied away and looked more scared than we’ve ever seen Sam, let Hallucifer talk down to him and make him fearfully question his reality and if he was back in that hell hole, classic Stockholm Syndrome case, and yet people try to ROMANTICIZE THAT?? They try and act like the Devil is a saint who ‘promised Sam he’d never lie/hurt’ him, so of course the DEVIL never lies?

It blows my mind. Hell no. Fuck that noise. 

People can ship whatever they want, and people can like Lucifer all they want (Hell, even I like him as a character, he’s awesome and evil!) but don’t act like he’s a saint who wouldn’t lay a finger on Sam. Don’t take obvious canon and try and warp it into the DEVIL being some kind of misunderstood sweetheart who throws flower petals wherever he goes.

Sam ruined his plans for world domination and he was pissed, and the show makes it VERY clear that he took all of that rage out on Sam. HellFire!Broken!Sam who literally made Sam go insane when they merged and Sam remembered all the torture and rape he went through? Is the result of what happened to him at Lucifer’s hands.

Period. End of Story. 

To Trust a Demon

There’s been a lot written about this particular scene…

…but I would like to add my own interpretation. Oddly enough, I think it’s a bit of a reminder.

While many of us read through Kuroshitsuji, it’s easy to get caught up in Sebastian’s antics and forget how truly dangerous he can be. In this arc alone we’ve seen him be enamored with a lovely feline, show up escorting prostitutes, as well as sing and dance.

These moments make us laugh, and it is part of Sebastian’s character. There’s a reason I have a tag #sebastian is a dork. While I don’t think any of us ever forget he’s a demon and capable of horrible things, it’s not hard to get charmed by Sebastian and see him as more of a dork than a threat. Every now and again we need a reminder that Sebastian is dangerous. If things go according to his plan, he will kill Ciel. Yes, he’s a charming, fun character at times but we shouldn’t get complacent and think he’s here to tell a lighthearted story.

It’s also a reminder to Ciel. Up until the green witch arc, Ciel had been the one to grow complacent. Because the contract stated that Sebastian was to protect Ciel, he didn’t fear Sebastian. He thought Sebastian would simply do as he was told, and the only danger would be once the contract was fulfilled. Back when Ciel was first ‘training’ Sebastian to be a butler, he didn’t treat him kindly. It was clear by the way he poured the tea in Sebastian’s hands that he didn’t consider Sebastian might decide to break the contract or reinterpret the terms.

Ciel had complete confidence that Sebastian was bound strictly to the contract and wouldn’t do anything to hurt him. Early on, Ciel realized that Sebastian had some freedom in how he interpreted and followed orders, but it was other people who got hurt. Ciel didn’t concern himself for those who suffered because of his orders. Ciel trusted Sebastian. Even in the circus arc when Sebastian released the snakes while Ciel was still in the first tier tents. Ciel acted more like it was an annoyance - as if he didn’t seem to believe he was in any actual danger.

This continued on until the incident in Germany. Whether Sebastian was serious (90% as he said) or this was more of a method to scare Ciel back to himself, the result was the same. Ciel gained a new fear for Sebastian.

Suddenly, Ciel realized that Sebastian wasn’t just a threat at some point in the future, but currently as well. No matter the contract, Sebastian was still a demon, and he still wants to dine on fillet of soul. (Bad joke.) Ciel’s remark at the end about Sebastian being the one he trusted the least showed how their dynamic had shifted.

Yet Ciel did still depend on Sebastian because he is still on the same path. In some ways, their interactions in the earlier part of this arc was similar to the way they were before Sebastian seemed prepared to eat Ciel’s soul. But then, we get to this one scene.

Logically, it makes sense as this was just Sebastian sensing Ciel’s minor injury. The minute smell of Ciel’s blood triggered his demon’s senses. In fact, while Ciel looks absolutely terrified and probably having flashbacks from before, Sebastian seems more concerned with the fact he had allowed Ciel to be injured and rushes him to Sieglinde for treatment.

Throughout this scene, Ciel seems very uneasy. This is the Sebastian’s he’s always known. In fact, that last panel reminded me of this scene:

But now Ciel is questioning his dependence on Sebastian as well as how much he can truly trust him.