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Along For The Ride - Part 1

Soul Eater

Word Count: 1598

SoMa Week 2017

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If Maka had to describe it in one word, it would be lavish. She’d always known Soul was well off. Despite his estranged parentage the lump sum deposited into his account in their name made it clear that neither parent was keen on having their son starving while he trained in Death City (whether that was his brother’s doing was still up in the air). To an extent, they were invested in his well being, and this was something beyond well being.

“It’s…” she began slowly, unsure if Soul would appreciate what she had to say.

“Extra? Over the top?”

“I was going to say big,” she said. Big was certainly another would that would be comparable. The Evans’ summer home was like any other home, but on a much grander scale. It was larger, with pale, white walls and large glass windows. It sat perfectly juxtaposed by the greenery and the hint of deep blue water just past the trees.


“Come on,” she said, taking his hand and pulling her suitcase towards the glass door at the end of the trail. “Let’s go see them. They were kind enough to invite us here.”

“You call it a kindness,” Soul sniffed, hefting up his own bag and scowling as they moved closer, “but they didn’t just invite us, you know?”

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Miles' first word was "Fafa". It took Gregory a short while to figure out that it was Miles' name for him, but once he did, he was nothing short of overjoyed. 'Fafa' was used until the boy could pronounce "Father".


Gregory Edgeworth thrilled to be a Fafa!! Gregory referring to himself as “Fafa” whenever he talks to Miles (”Fafa will be right back, okay, Miles? Fafa just has to get something from the shop.” “Fafa.” “Yes, Fafa will be right back.”) and not ever quite growing out of this habit?? Gregory still occasionally slipping and calling himself “Fafa” even when Miles is old enough to talk and even going to school

Gregory mumbling words of encouragement to Miles in the elevator like “It’s going to be alright, Miles. I promise. Fafa promises.”

Gregory being channeled by Misty Fey and - before he’s sent away again - asking sadly if someone could tell Miles that Fafa loves him.

(my expression when I found out monty wasn’t on the list)
happy bellarke fam selfie night!! I’m not looking forward to all the drama tonight but at the same time I totally am, just fuck me up👏🏼👏🏼

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Alright Squad Fam. Message me if you don't get what I'm trying to say here cause it's late and I'm not all here. So Josuke and Jotaro with an s/o that has a habit of just spouting these incredible sincere compliments seemingly out of no where. Like they're eating breakfast or watching tv and they turn to them and in the same way you'd say "I just remembered I have to do laundry" they just give the boyz a super sweet compliment on just how much they love them. They'd never know when one's coming!

I LIVE FOR THIS. i literally did this to my boyfriend as he was leaving for work and he squishes my cheeks every time i say something nice to him. -u-

Josuke would absolutely MELT. 
- He and his s/o would be doing homework and during a lull, he notices s/o just kinda. Lookin’ at him.
- They just smile and say, “I can’t believe I’m so lucky to be with someone as sweet as you.”
- THE BOY IS FLOORED. He sputters and blushes, and this isn’t the first time it’s happened either. The two of them were doing dishes one day (Tomoko deserved a day off and she wouldn’t let Josuke leave without doing chores. S/o is always happy to help) and they hit him with a “You are just so beautiful, y’know?” and even Tomoko blushed from the other room.
- He just. Swells with so much emotions!!! He’ll stop what he’s doing and wrap his arms around his s/o. “One day you’re gonna give me a heart attack! I love ya!”

Jotaro had been kinda eh with compliments for a while. He had his fangirls in school but they just??? “Oh you’re so hot! You’re so strong! You’re so!!!” like he was some untouchable. He just wanted to be treated like a person, y’know?
- Well, he and his s/o were watching a documentary (every so often, they can catch him humming the theme from Blue Planet and it’s a fucking treasure) and he’s quietly explaining just how useless mola mola are when
- “Jotaro, I could listen to you talk about the ocean forever. You just light up, I love it so much.” They’re smiling so softly like the angels personally sent this being to Jotaro.
- He chokes for a second. Other than his mother doting on him, he hasn’t really been on the receiving end of this kind of affection. He would definitely cover his face with his hat to hide his blush, or look away if his head were, in the rare instance, bare.
- Jotaro would bring his s/o close and press a gentle kiss to their forehead. “Yare yare… You don’t need to say things like that, but… thank you.” 
- If s/o really gets him by surprise, he’ll blush and even smile a little.

THIS WARMED MY SOUL THANK U FAM I hope it’s what you were looking for! I love this kind of affection towards loved ones and friends, they deserve to know how wonderful they are and so do these fictional angels. Thank you!