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@ahshesgone‘s latest drawing made me gush and fangirl so hard and sooo much that I got Ash into having an art trade with me!!! :DDD *throws confetti around* I’m so happy and soooo insecure that I messed this up sob

Ash requested a pencil drawing from me with Soul and Maka being domestic… and I pimped it a bit with digital colors to not have it too dirty and dull… I hope you like it Ash! ;u; ♥



Pointy teeth, droopy eyes. I’d say they look exactly alike

Also sorry for my bad handwriting. 

Maka: Soul! Look at this cutie!

Soul: For a bookworm I’m surprised you don’t know the meaning of cute.

Maka: SOUL!!

Maka: You know, you 2 kinda look alike.

Soul: Not funny Maka.

Maka: You’re right, Snubbull is MUCH cuter.

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Soul Eater X JJBA AU soul concepts

I doodle some concept art for the appearance of some souls in class. I didn’t ink and color them, but I did do reference swatches for colors. I tried to stick to the whole good-blue crazy/evil-pink theme.

First I did Jotaro. Tried to get Star Plat’s fabulous mane in there. The gears are sort of meant to represent time stop ability, via Za Warudo, so they may or may not be ditched depending.

I did two Kira concepts. For the first one I’m not sure whether I want to keep the eye sockets or the Sheer Heart Attack bauble on top. (I’d definitely play with it more before I was happy with it.) I do like how clean it looks though. I really like the second one. I was trying to give the impression that it’s sort constantly exploding silently. I don’t really have to tools to do that though, so…

Lastly, I did one for Diavolo & Doppio, because once I thought of the concept of depicting his dissociative identity disorder (thanks Morty) as having a “split soul” I couldn’t not draw it. I really tried to give the impression that his soul is bursting from the seems. Purples are for the Doppio part. Reds are for Diavolo. Does it need green?

I’ll probably do more of these later, ‘cause I have ideas for at least DIO, Kakyoin, and Polnareff. However, I am in need of a shower and a nap.

Also, in case it wasn’t obvious: TAKE THESE AND RUN WITH THEM (if you want to, I’m not gonna force you ofc.). Use them, change them, experiment. If you want to try drawing these or using them as inspiration: go for it!

I’m just gonna tag Morty for this. Hope that’s ok. @sentochoryu

somniumaddiction  asked:

Is there an Excalibur equivalent or anything in the soul eater au? If not in terms of power, maybe in terms of provoking the (ﺧ益ﺨ) response. ...Hol Horse maybe?

im laughign fuck, hol horse would probably be pretty close in terms of merely evoking the reaction

in terms of power and universal compatibility, though…i would say jonathan but jonathan got sidelined as in canon (though i do believe probably anyone could match wavelengths with jonathan)


i cant really think of too many people who would be on that level who arent straight up villains, and the main villains generally aren’t interested in being compatible with anyone.

mmmmaybe valentine?

How are you going to do a Soul Eater meta analysis on partnerships and only list Marie as ‘Stein’s weapon partner’

buddy, why do you hate Marie so much? She has a fucking NAME

anonymous asked:

I know you posted it a while ago but that Soul Eater Kira picture creeped me out on a personal level because I was literally right in the middle of painting my nails the exact same shade of red when tumblr notified me that you posted something, I know it's a common color for nails but goddamn the timing