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All that Crona could really do was run. Why wouldn’t they leave them alone? Crona didn’t mean to start any trouble. Did they start any trouble? Who were they? Why were they following them? Crona ran over to a corner in an alley way, curling up in a ball and covering their head, fingernails digging into their scalp. Their eyes were widened and silvery as the meister shook violently. The madness was getting out of control…

The teen began quietly laughing, “Th-They won’t find me here… They’ll never catch me… I can keep on running… They’ll never catch me…”

Their laughing soon became louder and more psychotic, “I CAN RUN FOREVER IF I HAVE TO!!!

Holiday starter cause its dope like ya

It snowed rarely in the city. Though it seemed just in time for the holidays. Soul was like a Santa, he probably would give out many gifts. He began tying mistletoe to anything that could hang over people’s heads. Street lights, signs, overhangs. Make the holidays a bit more romantic for everyone~ 

It was a bit sad that he was alone….