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Screw Writing “Strong” Women

Write interesting women.

Write well-rounded women. 

Write complicated women.

 Write a woman who kicks ass

Write a woman who cowers in a corner.

Write a woman who’s desperate for a husband. 

 Write a woman who doesn’t need a man.  

Write women who cry,

women who rant,

women who are shy,

women who don’t take no shit, 

women who need validation

and women who don’t care what anybody thinks.

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MaStar Week 2017- May 21st to May 27th

Day 1: Starry Eyed
Day 2: Best of the Worst
Day 3: Vulnerable
Day 4: Laughter
Day 5: Coming of Age
Day 6: Bonded
Day 7: Force of Nature
Bonus Day 8: Last night

After planning and plotting and scheming and fiddling… we’ve done it y’all… I present to you, MaStar Week 2017!

This event will focus on Maka and BlackStar’s relationship whether it’s OTP or BROTP. Whether they are fighting partners, childhood friends, family by choice, or harbored feelings, let’s give them a little attention and love! Create some creative content or join in with the community to talk about these two.

I’ll be following the tag “mastar week 2017″ and “makaxblackstar week 2017″ and I’ll be reblogging all of the content I can find into such tags on my blog! I understand that there’s an issue with the tags and how some posts aren’t showing up in there; since that’s the case, you can pm or send me an ask or tag me to make sure I’ve caught you. If there’s enough posts, maybe I’ll invest in a side blog for them too.

Alrighty, I’ll see you then during MaStar Week!

– banner was done by the ever so lovely @mintyyprince