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I don’t know when I did this drawing of angel Maka but I found it today and decided to…try to colored it

I want to write the fanfic about her and mage Soul, I’ve have the story in my head for months, but I think I can’t do it u_u
well I still can draw her, I love her hair ♥

Pocky/Pepero game - Lys

“Argh alright I’m giving up, I’ll do it..”

Soul eater bnha au! Inspired by @zoey-angel ’S crossover *izuku is the meister
*todoroki is a weapon, he’s these gauntlets that also have a fire and ice element to them
*endeavor (a meistor had him in the hopes of eventually making him his weapon. (Basically he’s still an ASS hOLE)
*bakugou is a weapon (flamethrower) and he wants to become the best without partnering with a meister
*he soon learns that this might not be so easy haha (i.e ochako doesn’t give two fuccs and becomes his meister anyway)
(Also for anyone who hasn’t seen soul eater : a weapon is a person who can turn into a weapon or turn parts of their body into a weapon, a meister is someone who weilds that weapon. Their souls are connected)

Character Spotlight: Maka Albarn

Name: Maka Albarn

Age: 12-14 (Throughout Soul Eater NOT! and Soul Eater)

Affiliation: Two Star Scythe-Meister in Death Weapon Meister Academy’s E.A.T (Especially Advantaged Talent) Class.

Weapon Partner: Soul “Eater” Evans

Appearances: Soul Eater and Soul Eater NOT!


Bookworm Maka Albarn, one of the main protagonists of Soul Eater, is a scythe-meister at Death Weapon Meister Academy and also the partner of the demon weapon, Soul “Eater” Evans. Inspired by her mother and desiring to create a death scythe that surpasses the prowess of the main weapon partner of Death himself and father, Spirit Albarn, due to the event of him cheating on her mother, she joins the DWMA and is promptly partnered up with Soul Evans, who instead goes by the stage name “Soul Eater”.

Throughout the series, she and Soul work together as a team to make the demon weapon a death scythe capable of surpassing her father. Along the way, Maka forges strong relationships with not only her partner but others too(notably Crona), fends off the forces of evil in it’s various forms, and more or less starts the reparation of her relationships between herself and her father.


Maka is notably one of the top students within the DWMA. Trained at the academy, she is one of the students in the E.A.T (Especially Advantaged Talent) Class, a curriculum consisting of a little bit over 100 students and represents 10% of the overall school’s student population in which dedicated itself to fighting evil. In addition to this, she is one of, if not, the most intelligent of her peers in the academy.

As a Meister, she mainly employs the usage of a scythe weapon (Soul Eater) though is also skilled in the usage of assassin-related weaponry like a chain scythe. With a scythe at hand, her skill enables her to take on the likes of the assassin Black Star (one of the three top students of the academy), Crona, and Arachne (A powerful witch remarked by Death himself to be dangerous). She’s also an able hand-to-hand combatant. She also has ultra-sensitive Soul Perception (ability to perceive souls) capabilities, having developed them enough to see the souls of everyone around the world with the usage of Soul’s weapon form and read the emotional state of others.

Perhaps her two most acclaimed skills of her own are her Anti-Demon Wavelength and and Grigori soul. Her Anti-Demon Wavelength allows her to utilize powerful techniques with Soul that acts as a bane for the forces of magic and evil. Her Grigori soul, a extremely rare soul type, allows her and Soul to fly in his weapon form provided that they maintain a stable soul resonance.

Fun Facts

  • Maka is of Japanese descent.
  • Maka was born the same day that Black Star was taken in.
  • According to Ohkubo himself, he created Maka Albarn and paired her up with Soul to demonstrate an equal representation of gender as well as doing so in response to typical shōnen manga often having male characters

Adrift: A MaStar Reverb, 2017

| Knitted Waves Swatch |

I messed up so much since this was the first ever time that I attempted a two sided stitch, but I’m so proud of myself for finishing it regardless.This is the Ocean and White yarn by Caron, size 10 needles and size 4 yarn. I only figured out what I was doing wrong after 20 or so stitches but by then I just had to finish– it was a process. I learned from this experience though and so I’ll be doing version 2 after Reverb is over. I created this pattern which you can find under the Read More!

Summary: A commercial fishing trip gone awry leaves Braxton ‘Black Star’ Sterling floundering, furious, and ready to fight a God. Will his mission to get to Poseidon for a one-on-one be victorious, or will he forever be lost at sea? 

Warnings: cussing, violence, talk of death, minor character death

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Read Story by @rebornfromash​: [Read here: Tumblr | FFNET]

Bonus Mood Board by @rebornfromash​ and @l0chn3ss​:  [Part One] [Part Two]

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TOP 10 MOTIVATING ANIME/ANIMATED Characters!! That Make ya wanna workout!!!

From Fighting Intergalactic Warriors, City Crushing Monsters, Prepping for Tournaments or just looking to save the World these characters make your Asses wanna start training! These are my picks for the most kickass badasses around who will make you want at least start doing pushups daily.


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maltedmilkchocolate  asked:

Holy cow your SE AU is just amazing. It's made me want to re-watch the anime. Oikawa going slowly insane is killing me inside, but oh whoo boy it's gotta be worse for Iwa who's just noticing little things slowly going tits up and Oikawa wont communicate this issue with him. O A O

(Aaa thank you so so much for liking the AU! friend :’D)

Ever since Iwaizumi was released from the hospital, Oikawa had been waist deep in research papers and articles about the elusive witch ‘Ushijima’. It was to be expected – that same witch had left his partner heavily wounded, and himself traumatized (he couldn’t risk losing Iwaizumi like that again). He was going to take him down on their next encounter no matter what. 

On the other hand, Iwaizumi knew that revenge mixed with Oikawa’s obsessive personality was never a good thing, but he also understood the importance of pride and how fragile his partner’s self-esteem is – about how much getting back at Ushijima means to Oikawa. Despite his gut telling him otherwise, Iwaizumi did not have the heart to say no, so the most he could do is to keep him in check. Maybe the nightmares were his guilty conscience keeping him awake at night and not any significant foreshadowing whatsoever. 

This was before they were invited into the DWMA as professors.

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Florida Teen Says Soul Eater Manga, Slenderman Inspired Her to Set Home on Fire
14-year-old girl charged with arson, attempted murder

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So now it’s the manga’s fault that these kids/teenagers are fucking killing their friends and family now?

Inspired to trying to ruin other people’s lives because of a novel?…

I watched Higurashi during my depressing bullying middle school days and I never once attempted to try the shit that these idiots are doing now!

First Slenderman, now Soul Eater? SOUL EATER?! You got to be fucking kidding me!

No, kid, it wasn’t the fiction that fucked you up, you were already fucked up in the first place!