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A collection of a few remaining sketch commissions I had pending from after conventions last month, including some etsy customer thank you cards.

The Black Widow sketch was an unused sketch commission example piece.

I’ll be starting those kind of commissions again over summer via my etsy.

Of all of the Soul Eater ships that could have stolen my heart and become my OTP... THIS IS THE ONE THAT DONE DID IT.

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T-This… is my OTP.

A clumsy, immortal werewolf and a tiny frog witch…

I was expecting Maka x Soul or Black Star x Tsubaki….

Hell, maybe Kid and Patty, but I was not expecting this. 

It was like when I first saw Gruvia interact for the first time. 

My heart flew out of my chest and splattered on the TV screen all the while screaming, “TOGETHER FOREVER!” 

This… Is my OTP.