soul eater costume

Daily Sketch 23rd of October.

The Jade Witch, as Blair the cat-witch…thing from Soul Eater, suggested by @vladi-l

Had to draw this one, cause someone actually remembered that Jade is a character.
And with that, that’s the last of the interesting suggestions in the box.
I’m going to be moving onto a new project of daily work, unless something interesting pops up.

Thanks for the suggestions.

The Signs And Anime Character That Wears A Matching Halloween Costume With Them

Aries: Ichigo Kurosaki

Taurus: Blair 

Gemini: Ed

Cancer: Yazawa Nico

Leo: Suou Tamaki

Virgo: Wakasa

Libra: Hikaru or  Kaoru

Scorpio: Kagura

Sagittarius: Rukia Kuchiki

Capricorn: Gintoki

Aquarius: Wendy Marvell

Pisces: Nishikino Maki

Hey everyone! It’s almost that time of year! Halloween!! Death City is known for its amazing Halloween celebration, so Soul and I decided to start looking for costumes! We have been watching this show called Voltron. Soul liked Keith the best, figures huh. Anyway, what do you think of our costumes? If you have any suggestions let us know!

LillithCosplay's Costume Piece Sale

My closet has gotten a tad full and I’m selling some cosplay pieces that need a good home.

Kingdom Hearts- Kairi’s shoes
Made 2 years ago, size can fit women’s 5-8 easily. Made of cloth and foam. Starting price $40.

Briar Rose- Grey Skirt
Elastic waist can fit most sizes. $10.
Bodice available if someone would like it, price negotiable.

Sasuke Uchiha - Full costume.
Includes shirt (Size SM), pants (32x32 with elastic waist), arm bands, shoes (Fits around women’s 6-7) and headband (if you want it) $40.

Attack on Titan Survey Corps Jacket
Size SM

No. 6- Shion’s Jacket
Made 2 years ago, Can fit sizes SM to Large. $30.

Homestuck- God Tier Jake’s Hood
Just the hood and cape piece. Made of cloth and foam. $18.

Starfighter- Abel’s wig $10.

Maka Albarn’s Formal Dress.
Size Small, additional photos available. Made for someone with a medium to small bust size. $30. 

Shoot me a message if you’re interested! And please, spread the word!

umaru-does-stuff  asked:

what is elle gonna be for halloween?

Elle promised Doc she would help give out candy to the sick kids at the hospital for a little bit, so when she’s with @asktherealdriplier she’s going to be Cher from Clueless.

She really hopes she can talk Anti into doing a Soul Eater costume set with her though. :x She would go as Maka, and if she could talk Anti into going as Soul she’d flip.

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    Thanks guys!  I want to watch more people! :3

shenkuchan  asked:

Hey Jax can I ask why do you Love Halloween the most? Nothing wrong with that but usually most people love Christmas the best. So i was just curious why it was your favorite

No problem Well as a child my favorite Holiday was most definitely Christmas but as I’ve gotten Older I realized how much 


The Costumes I make each year

Getting all this Candy for myself

The Horror Marathons

Actually Horror is LITERALLY ONE Of MY FAVORITE GENRES!! I Can Name Practically everyone in this Picture because HORROR has been my Love ever since I was 7 years old 

The girls dressing up in scantily clad outfits

the Halloween cartoon specials

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HELL My Favorite Horror movie of all time is Based on Halloween

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And A BONUS this YEAR ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL I am Having a MONTH LONG HALLOWEEN SPECIAL I wont spoil but its a TON OF FUN I had to start filming yesterday so they’ll all be ready OOOOO I CANT wait so be sure to subscribe if you are into that Stuff :)

And its almost that time of year again :) I cant wait!!

Resbang art!! This is for ’Down and Out in Death City’ by professor-maka!! 

Maka being awesome (as always) and ‘Soul Eater’ in the background fawning over her. I’ll be posting more art under the tag DODC, so stay tuned for more!!