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Audio: Soul Eater and Ryuko (Kill la Kill)

Character Spotlight: Maka Albarn

Name: Maka Albarn

Age: 12-14 (Throughout Soul Eater NOT! and Soul Eater)

Affiliation: Two Star Scythe-Meister in Death Weapon Meister Academy’s E.A.T (Especially Advantaged Talent) Class.

Weapon Partner: Soul “Eater” Evans

Appearances: Soul Eater and Soul Eater NOT!


Bookworm Maka Albarn, one of the main protagonists of Soul Eater, is a scythe-meister at Death Weapon Meister Academy and also the partner of the demon weapon, Soul “Eater” Evans. Inspired by her mother and desiring to create a death scythe that surpasses the prowess of the main weapon partner of Death himself and father, Spirit Albarn, due to the event of him cheating on her mother, she joins the DWMA and is promptly partnered up with Soul Evans, who instead goes by the stage name “Soul Eater”.

Throughout the series, she and Soul work together as a team to make the demon weapon a death scythe capable of surpassing her father. Along the way, Maka forges strong relationships with not only her partner but others too(notably Crona), fends off the forces of evil in it’s various forms, and more or less starts the reparation of her relationships between herself and her father.


Maka is notably one of the top students within the DWMA. Trained at the academy, she is one of the students in the E.A.T (Especially Advantaged Talent) Class, a curriculum consisting of a little bit over 100 students and represents 10% of the overall school’s student population in which dedicated itself to fighting evil. In addition to this, she is one of, if not, the most intelligent of her peers in the academy.

As a Meister, she mainly employs the usage of a scythe weapon (Soul Eater) though is also skilled in the usage of assassin-related weaponry like a chain scythe. With a scythe at hand, her skill enables her to take on the likes of the assassin Black Star (one of the three top students of the academy), Crona, and Arachne (A powerful witch remarked by Death himself to be dangerous). She’s also an able hand-to-hand combatant. She also has ultra-sensitive Soul Perception (ability to perceive souls) capabilities, having developed them enough to see the souls of everyone around the world with the usage of Soul’s weapon form and read the emotional state of others.

Perhaps her two most acclaimed skills of her own are her Anti-Demon Wavelength and and Grigori soul. Her Anti-Demon Wavelength allows her to utilize powerful techniques with Soul that acts as a bane for the forces of magic and evil. Her Grigori soul, a extremely rare soul type, allows her and Soul to fly in his weapon form provided that they maintain a stable soul resonance.

Fun Facts

  • Maka is of Japanese descent.
  • Maka was born the same day that Black Star was taken in.
  • According to Ohkubo himself, he created Maka Albarn and paired her up with Soul to demonstrate an equal representation of gender as well as doing so in response to typical shōnen manga often having male characters
Character Spotlight: Noah (Greed)

Name: Noah, Icon of Greed

Alias: Eibon

Race: Sorcerer

Affiliation: Noah’s Group & controlled by the Table of Contents( also known as the Index). Formerly of Arachnophobia.

Appearance: Soul Eater (manga)


Noah is an enigma compared to other villains in Soul Eater. He’s also one of the few sorcerers seen too.

While he introduced himself early on as “Eibon”, in reality, he is an impostor. His real identity is Noah, or rather an icon, a personification of a chapter from the Book of Eibon modeled after the seven deadly sins. He personifies greed. While created by Eibon, he was called forth by the Book of Eibon’s intelligence and former ally of Eibon, the Table of Contents (also the Index). The Table of Contents was a fanatic of his creator and envision spreading his “wisdom”, wanting to combine “BREW” with Asura’s madness to usher in a new madness. With this in mind, he called forth this version of Noah due to his greedy nature serving as a natural catalyst to collect “BREW” and later Asura.

When Noah came to being, his greedy personality had him conspire to not only obtain “BREW” but capture all the Great Old Ones to become the “Cosmic Ruler of All” for the simple fact that this would mean he “owns” everything, owing this to his greedy personification. To this end, he succeeded in catching the Great Old One of Power and Excalibur. He later allied himself with Arachnophobia, placing a wedge between Arachne and her two top henchmen (Mosquito and Giriko) as he help develop her Spiderweb magic and gave way to create artificial soldiers known as “Demon Tool Soldiers”. He also created his own in the form of his assistant, Gopher, who seeks to please his creator and master in every shape and form.

Throughout his tenure as the villain, he betrays Arachnophobia as he achieves his actual goal, collects Death the Kid within the Book of Eibon, forms a group and plots to assassinate Maka Albarn to harness her soul, in which he can then modify to use her acute soul perception abilities to track down the Kishin.


Noah doesn’t showcase much offensive abilities on his own, his independent magic only allowing him to create worm-like material on the ground to snare his enemies and fire a curved laser from his eye. Much of his skill revolves around his intelligence, capable of making various Demon Tools of his own and the Book of Eibon’s own Demon Tools. His most prestigious skill seems to creating Demon Tool Soldiers like Gopher, who’s capability comes from Noah’s modifying of the soul with magical power and combining it with the artificial making from a Demon Tool Soldier.

Most of Noah’s capabilities are centered around the Book of Eibon. Being a personification of a chapter from said book, he exhibits some unique connection to it in which he can tell if foreign bodies enter the book. He often uses this book for summoning purposes, housing demons and powerful monsters he’s collected, and summoning giant worms provided by the book. His most strongest monster he’s captured and later summoned is the Horror Dragon. With the Book of Eibon, he can also use the Madness of Knowledge, in which exposes people to absolute knowledge and drives them insane by shutting off their ability to think.

Fun Facts

  • Noah’s design comes from the Grimoire character from the video game, Soul Eater: Monotone Princess. The Book of Eibon’s design also orginates from there. Ohkubo, having liked the design, incorporated it into the manga with a separate character.
  •  He is a reference to the Noah from the Noah’s Ark story.
  • The demons he’s captured with the Book of Eibon are actually derived directly from various mythological creatures.
  • He has some sort of rivalry with Medusa, despite having not been shown to meet her on panel.

(Note: There are some things to reveal concerning this character. The idea that there was a romance between the him and Medusa is entirely made-up, someone on the wiki having claimed that and people believing it. Most likely owing up the fact there’s some sort o rival relationship between the two.

Some of the detail here is painted crystal clear in Yen Press but I remember once upon a time using scanlation, this information was completely omitted. There’s even a panel that hinted the Book of Eibon’s Madness of Knowledge that was cut. Namely, the Salvage arc had some crucial information about the character cut. I feel it contributes to the poorer reception the character does get from fans.)

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I think I just noticed that...

Whenever the main characters of an anime

are two guys and two girls

and I first see all four of them in a poster

and after watching the first few episodes I’ve determined that

they are my favorite characters because I love them individually

and their interactions together as a team

I have this tendency

to ship them together.

Is it weird?

Sometimes these anime posters/promo images make these main characters look so damn good together and they trick me into thinking they’re romantic/canon I’m just saying.