soul eater chapter 1
Lightless Chapter 1: Prologue: Life & Death Junction, a soul eater fanfic | FanFiction
After being locked up in a tower for eighteen years, Maka goes on the run with the aspiring thief, Soul Eater. They learn a bit about trust while dodging her kidnapper/adoptive stepmother (depending on who you ask), the law, and an over enthusiastic horse. The feet of cursed hair don't help either. Tangled AU for Resbang 2015 Rated: PG-13 Word Count: 22K Warnings for mild language and violence

Here is my entry for Resbang 2015! I had the joy of working with @kribart​ and @queen-korri​, both of whom created some amazing art. Krib’s art can be found here, Korri’s music can be found hereExcerpt is below and link to the entire fic on FFN above. 

“Shibusen.” Maka’s ears perk up and her weapon lowers. “That’s really far from here, right?”
“Yes, yes, so I’ll be out of your hair, a safe distance from here.” She doesn’t know who’s safety he’s concerned for, but considering she’s the one holding cast iron death, she’s pretty sure he means his own.
“I will untie you if you take me there.”
“Uh, you really want to trust a notorious thief to keep you safe on a three day hike? I’m starting to think you have a death wish.”
“I’m assuming you’re just a thief, not a murderer.” She shrugs, wheels turning in her head. “Besides, I am proficient at protecting myself, I just need a guide.”
“And what makes you think I won’t just rob you blind and leave you stranded in the forest?”
“You came in with a bag – I might have done some thieving of my own.” She hasn’t.
“You didn’t take anything.” Maka doesn’t know how this stranger knows she’s lying, but it definitely merits one more whack with the frying pan.

girls are not meant to fight dirty // chapter 1

i am changing up the plot a bit to better suit the characters ;^) 


“Oh, come on! When have I ever asked you for anything?”

Maka snorts as she stuffs her calculator into her book bag. “Yesterday, when you begged me to grab you a caramel frappuccino during my free period?”

“That doesn’t count.”

“The line at Deathbucks was out the door.

She flashes a smug grin at her and readjusts the strap of her bag on her shoulder to sit more comfortably. Sure, she has the benefit of late arrival because of higher-than-average SAT scores, thanks to a grueling Junior year, but that doesn’t mean Liz is always entitled to her time. More often than not, Maka uses the extra hour and a half in the morning to go for a run, or maybe grab a smoothie - being her best friend’s latte monkey isn’t exactly on her list of things to do. And she had said no, initially, until the wave of pleading texts and please, for me, I’ll owe you forever came piling in.

Maybe she’s just too soft for her own good. It’s hard for her to sit and let people suffer, though, when she can do something about it. Even if it means hauling her butt to Deathbucks during the busiest hours of the morning for Liz’s coffee fix. Call her a martyr, a sucker, a pushover, whatever - Maka can’t sit and watch people hurt on good faith. Even if they deserve it, be it because of their own forgetfulness or otherwise.

Liz rolls her eyes and tosses a long, golden braid over her shoulder. “It’s not my fault that everyone and their mother decided they needed their fix during your free period! And this is different,” she stresses, turning and planting herself in Maka’s way. “This is important. Please.

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