soul eater 18

Day 4 - Picknicking (Tsubaki Nakatsukasa & Soul “Eater” Evans, Soul Eater what else lol)

You heard of SoMa, TsuStar, and MaStar. But have you opened your eyes to TsuSoul?

suggested/requested by @l0chn3ss my bae (they are definitely a pure ship)

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Please do request some ships aside from SoMa! (for my practice in drawing other ships)

Kiss the Devil (Part 18)

Ricky Horror x reader

Warnings: Language

A/N: I swear to god this series will end eventually.

“What the fuck, Ricky? Where the hell have you been!?” Chris booms, furious. He’s looming over Ricky where they both stand on the tour bus in the front living room. The rest of the band is dispersed throughout, some of them leaving the room the instant Ricky stepped in, not wanting to deal with Chris’ wrath.

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