soul eater 108

I'm so done with Soul Eater

Preteen girl voice: “Like OMG!!!1! Don’t Kid and Asura look alike?! Woah, they must be related!” *said every preteen ever*

Chapter 108: “You are indeed right! Kid and Asura are brothers!”



anonymous asked:

Wait can anyone give the source that Okubo said there are only 4 more chapters? I NEED EVIDENCE I DON'T THINK I CAN HANDLE THAT

From what I’ve heard, it was from some sort of translated interview that was posted online, but that’s about all I know about it at the moment.  I tried to look it up, but I’ve had little luck so far.  But a lot of people have seen it and I most certainly know it does exist, so I’ll keep on looking and post it as soon as I find it!

If you look down, someone sent me the name of a Tumblr user who’s posted it at some point, so maybe you can find it there with better luck! :)

Well, for now, let’s just keep our fingers crossed!



Alright, the post is here, for anyone wondering.  I’ve scavenged all over the internet, but as of now, this is the only post I have found confirming that Soul Eater is ending within the next 3 or so chapters.  From the looks of it, the blog is highly reliable, so there’s a very good chance that this information is true.

HOWEVER, after digging through the internet, I haven’t been able to find any scans of the author’s note from Gangan Magazine itself.   Since there’s no official source given to us at the moment, it’s still possible that this could all just be a misunderstanding through passing down the information.  So until we have the official source to translate, we should still keep our eyes peeled, because anything could still happen pertaining the the series’ future.