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Sorry this was so long!! I am so so impressed with your work and I saw you were really nice when answering to people so I just had to! Thank you so much for sharing your work with us!!

Hi Love! Sorry for making you wait ten days for this reply. I have no straight answer for your question, but I will do my best to explain my situation. Unlike you, I didn’t always know that I wanted to be a concept artist. When I was a kid I didn’t even know this sort of job existed, you know? I went to a school that didn’t even have a proper art class, pretty much all I was good for was decorating bulletin boards and heading the props team and placing in the odd art competition. 

I feel like I wasted most of my teen years trying to perfect my “personal” manga style. Not anime style, manga style. That’s where it all started. I started working for a local publisher when I was 16 and I actually worked on pages while in class with the teacher droning on in the background, I was so bored. Needless to say the pay was shit but I didn’t care, I was one step closer to becoming a world-famous manga-ka, ha! In case you’re curious:

At one point I even teamed up with a friend to create a serial webcomic, with OCs that I loved dearly. Ah, this stuff is so old I feel like I’m not even really within range to feel the embarrassment anymore…

Soul Dice, co-written with Tako (pre-slash, totally safe, got discontinued before it had the chance to become anything else)

Tokimeki Encore, discontinued original written by E

Okay… So after high school I went to another country to study animation. For some reason anime / manga-style was sort of looked down upon at my school. Whatever, while I was there I was exposed to a plethora of other styles. Most of them I rejected at first, but now I can now honestly say that I’m able to appreciate almost any art style whether it’s traditional or commercial, from manga to Picasso to Gobelins animation and so on and so forth. 

Here are some of the stuff I did during my college years:

So, college really opened my eyes, like there are so many different angles to every single piece of thing ever and I did a lot of growing up with regards to that and it all happened cos I chose to go to school instead of straight to work as a full-time manga artist like I wanted, I was so impatient.

Technical skills on the other hand, I think I could have saved myself a lot of trouble if I’d skipped college and gone straight to a concept art training center instead. The specialized training course I applied to lasted for three months, and the lessons were condensed and to the point, covering almost every aspect of 2D game design. Our weekly assignments also formed a nice portfolio and with each piece more or less having been quality-controlled by the teacher who is an industry professional I was easily able to find a job at a small outsource studio.

Here are some of the more decent pieces I did while there. My coloring was even weaker back then so most of these are linework. They are a few years old but it might give you an idea about some of the stuff I do for work. (It’s not the same as the stuff I post on Tumblr…)

  • Anatomy 01 
  • Creature 01
  • Lineart to Values (World of Warcraft; angel) 01 
  • Chara design entry-level 01 | 02 | 03 
  • Chara design high-level 01
  • Character action pose (Tera; dark elf) 01 
  • Map 01

There are also some stuff I made for games that have already been released at my current dA account

At this point I don’t want to become a world-famous anything anymore. I mean let’s be real, that’s pretty much impossible. (I’d rather be a rich ghost drawer working for game development companies in exchange for silver and gold.) Anyway, ha, I sort of forgot where I was going with this… Just. Listen, listen to grandma, and try to imagine… I got my first tablet when I was 13. It was an Intuos 2 and 12" x 12" cos the salesperson said the bigger, the better. 

So back then, even crudely-made photomanipulations garnered oohs and aahs. Nobody knew how they were made, much less actual digital paintings. But eventually more and more people started doing digital art, and at some point I started wanting to do stuff beyond just manga lineart and cell-shading. I wanted to be able to do semi-realistic and atmospheric color illustrations, but I realized I’d reached a road block and couldn’t improve further – not without the honest-to-god basics that I skipped over cos I was going to draw manga, I don’t need to know that stuff! – so then I had to circle back and relearn all that shit. 

Anatomy (I mean real anatomy, muscles, bones and all). Perspective. Hue / saturation / lightness. Composition, mood lighting, the list is never-ending and even now I’m still learning by increments. But honestly all the backtracking and unlearning wrong drawing habits cost me years, also back then the style was completely new to me, it was a bit discouraging cos after all the hard work I dedicated to developing my manga-style it felt like I was starting from scratch. Those were rough times, but ultimately it put me on the right track to get to where I am now. You see it wasn’t a straight line, but here I am anyway.

So yeah. Don’t be afraid, don’t… don’t think about all of it too closely, just take it one step at a time. You’re still so young and there’s so much quality learning material available on the internet now and just as many masterful artists to look up to. And I don’t just mean on Tumblr or dA – I mean ArtStation. In my country the people they hire get younger and more talented each year it’s kind of scary to think about for us older guys with only slightly above average skill, but it makes sense since you guys have been surrounded by rockstar-quality work for most of your lives. You see, this is a good thing. If you persevere I have every reason to believe that you will be much better than I am now when you reach my age. 

Also please remember that internet fame isn’t proportional to talent and skill. I mean… ofc, ofc it means so very much to me that people like and reblog the fanart I post here, but it’s different, it’s for the fandom. But by industry standards, I’m nothing special. Like, at all. I realize I sound pretty cynical but really I’m not, these are all just facts. This is also why I draw a clear line between professional work (where my fate is in the hands of clients) and fandom (where I feel safe), and why I do not take fandom commissions.

So, in conclusion. Tutorials, tutorials and more tutorials for you. Internalize that shit. You have to be open and observe and analyze and just… sift through existing concept art and slowly learn how to tell what designs work depending on the look and feel of the project and why. Try to decipher and understand the inspirations behind each successful design, keep doing this until you have built a reservoir inside your brain that you can draw from, until good design becomes second nature. 

Don’t rely too heavily on brushes in the beginning. Once in a while you might be able create something amazing completely owing to the effect of a certain brush, but what about the rest of the time? You don’t want to be a one-trick pony, also why would you want to limit yourself? A textured brush is still just a tool, it’s like a magic wand, you can’t wield it properly without mastering the incantation first. Once you have most of the basics down and your style stabilizes, the use of special brushes will come naturally. They’ll offer you the final push that gets you there. But first you have to know your stuff, this is the most important thing. 

Anyway I hope my babbling has helped you in some way or other, like I really hope so seeing as it took me all morning to type this, oh my god. (Not your fault, I’m just so bad with words likeugh.) And thank you so much for liking my art here! Just be patient and train and your time will come, bb, it will. *huggles* <333

Yu-Gi-Oh! Theory: How Bad Continuity Made Ryou Bakura the Most Powerful Character in the Series

(I should probably mention that I’m going entirely off of the mangaverse for this)

Okay so one thing about Ryou has been fucking me up for a while. When the Shadow RPG happened in season zero, Ryou Bakura summoned the NPC, White Mage Bakura. This character was obviously made as a stand-in for him, right? And if there is one thing that the season zero arc established, it was that shadow games are used to test the power of people’s souls. They are literally used to quantify the strength of a person’s heart. That being said, however…

Ryou Bakura is only two levels below Zorc.

16 year old Ryou Bakura is almost as strong as Yami Bakura, an actual literal demon. That being said, though, this is only the power of Ryou’s soul when he’s half-conscious, as he was being possessed at the time. He managed to almost rival the spirit of the Millennium Ring in sheer power, and that wasn’t even the full extent of his abilities.

No, this is all just the tip of the iceberg

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So, how many brothers/sisters on here hear like Dungeons & Dragons

I’ve been into dungeons and dragons since about 2006. My dad is responsible for this of all things. When he was younger he used to play and his character was the humble cleric, who would live on as the NPC we nearly always have regardless of campaign. He evolved from a fairly faceless generic mobile healing potion when we were all novices to a full fleshed out skinheaded bad arse cleric who always had your back, it’s funny how things change.
I’m going to be playing a few games soon and I just wanted to let you guys know my opinion of it.
Dark souls satisfies my D&D itch quite well really, it’s the openness of what kind of build you want and how you want to play it that appeals to me greatly.
See the most annoying thing about Dungeons and Dragons and all other table-top-RPG’s is that you need players and when you’re adults with jobs and studies and lives to maintain, it’s hard to get the required people together, but my bestfriend is a teacher and I’m a student so as it turns out, this summer is the perfect time to have a game, so we shall.
This is turning out to be a lot more long winded than I intended it to be haha XD
Any way, let’s wrap this up…
Do you bros/sisters like Dungeons and Dragons and what was your first ever character?
Just to get the ball rolling, mine was a Dwarf Fighter Named Burik, who weilded a towel shield, wore full plate, and had a Dwarf greataxe, and he was a beast
Hand cast red skull Oogie Boogie dice.
These red skull oogie boogie dice, are Brians version of the screen shot accurate oogies. They have the same face orientation as seen in the film. These dice are also larger than our previous dice, 7/8 inch square, in comparison to the 3/4inch square. They are cast in a durable hydrastone, and put through a multi step process in order to achieve the deep yummy red colour you see in the photos. The larger size, and the brilliant red colour really ups the wow factor on these new dice. I think they would look great in a curio cabinet with your other movie collectables. Measurements: 7/8 inch, 22 mm square colour: red with black recesses Materials: painted/ aged casting stone

Día de Muertos!

Happy Day of the Dead!

Happy All Souls Day!

Context: DM decides at the start of the campaign that none of our characters know each other.  They all are in a tavern, and the sorcerer, the fighter, and the rogue (me) are trying to find a healer.  The fourth player, a favored soul of a god of the balance between life and death, walks up to us.

Favored soul: “I believe that my healing abilities could be of use to your group.”

Rogue: “Prove it.”

Favored soul: *rolls dice* I missed my Inflict Light Wounds.  My character poses dramatically and yells, “HEALING!”

DM: Roll a bluff check.

Rogue: I’m going to laugh if he does this.

Favored soul: *rolls a 20*

DM: …You bluff so perfectly, the others are convinced that you just showed them the most incredible display of healing ever to have existed.

Story: Horrortale: “Her”

Inspired by @tomis-jb and his idea of Horrortale Alphys

So @wdlewdster and @tomis-jb and I were having discussions on horror, and they managed to encourage me to give it a shot at writing some, perhaps with future projects in mind.

So this was my first real jump into it. Very stream-of-conscousness writing here. It kinda flowed out of me and I barely did any editing. Keeps it feeling grimy, in my opinion. Such dirty writing.

Fandom: Undertale
AU: Horrortale (Unofficial)
Warnings: Blood, Gore, Vomiting, General Horror

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Random Snippet #20: Deal Me A Hand

Caroline liked to pretend she didn’t notice the flicker of resentment behind Elena’s eyes, when she disappeared once a month, humanity a hot song in her veins. She ignored the gleam of pity in Bonnie’s gaze, the helpless guilt and endless rage in Stefan’s. What none of them realized was that while their bargains were born of fury and rage, the knife blade of betrayal, hers too, was a binding contract sealed in blood.

She’d written the first clause on a bench, the wood chilly beneath her thighs.

Come on. Get to know me. I dare you.


Later, it was sealed by blood. Hers. His. A desperate, final plea to live.

I know you’re in love with me.

One day, Elena would die, her soul recasting the dice. Stefan had a lingering hope that his torture would loose its appeal. Bonnie too, had been given just enough rope that perhaps her usefulness would outlive Klaus’ rage.

There was a diamond bracelet in her bedside drawer. A tucked away drawing of a girl standing next to a horse. The memory of his mouth against hers was a brand against her lips, as stubborn and possessive as the hands that had feathered and swept across her skin. Her freedom was a mirage, an illusion. He’d chained her far more tightly than her friends could imagine, and all it would take was a single misstep for her to find herself throughly entangled.

But that was the danger of bargaining with the devil.

Eventually, he came to collect.