soul calibur v


Team RWBY recreated in Soul Calibur V by me, :P

*I wrote out an entire Q&A for why some aspects of the characters are off, but Tumblr screwed up, sooooo… Ripperooni, also quality is bad cuz I took these with my phone, BECAUSE APPARENTLY YOU CAN’T TAKE A SCREENSHOT ON A 360 WITHOUT CONNECTING IT TO A COMP OR HAVING A KINECT.*

Since @sinister-resonant-bell really liked my horrible gifs… here’s a short clip :P

I haven’t played this game in 5 years… and I completely forgot all the cool combos and even how to time guard and attacks. Basically, I suck!

But you can get a closer look at the characters in this little video.

Too bad Zasalamel’s moveset (and thus, the scythe) isn’t available in SCV :( I’ll have to re-create Gehrman in SCIV someday. Here I’m using Cervantes moveset for Maria and Hilde’s for Gehrman.

The biggest limitation of the editor is that it isn’t possible to give the character both a long coat and a cape (you know… just like 99% of the outfits in BB lmao). but with some creativity is absolutely possible to create pretty decent replicas of most hunters. I’ll be doing Ludwig next :D

[Now that I think about it, perhaps I should just switch to IV if I plan to make more characters from Bloodborne uhm…]


The complete lack of blood is rather unsettling.