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The Jackson 5  -  Never Can Say Goodbye (Live) 

Jermaine Jackson

Fender Jazz Bass


after all the hype for hayley kiyoko im left kinda dumbfounded at the fact that syd tha kyd doesnt have a wlw following yet. she’s lesbian and in pretty much all of her songs she sings about women. furthermore she’s just a masterful artist; her songs are smooth and sexy and full of feeling and can be likened to the sound of frank ocean’s channel orange. make syd that kyd a wlw icon 2k16

Bass in Soul and Funk Music

Basslines are the heart and soul of any good funk song and the centerpiece of Soul and Funk songs. In fact the bassline has always ruled the dancefloor and we want to celebrate this with another bassline top 20 in soul and funk music.

20 Funky basslines in Soul and Funk music

Top 10 Basslines in Gospel Music  and much more funky basslines!

I Heard it Through the Grapevine
James Jamerson & Gladys Knight
I Heard it Through the Grapevine

January 29 is James Jamerson’s birthday.  It should be a holiday for bass players everywhere.

I Heard it Through the Grapevine  -  Gladys Knight & The Pips

Remix by Michele Massaro - “I remixed this fantastic Gladys Knight’s song creating initially a duet between James & Gladys, then adding all The Funk Brothers.”

James Jamerson

It would seem, quite obviously, that I’m not the only one that has obsessively fallen in love with Gallant’s swooning crooning and soulful electronic music. The remixes of his music are coming in strong. The moment I heard Louis Futon’s remix of Gallant’s Weight In Gold, I was sold. The Philadelphia producer’s rendition of the fast rising Los Angeles artist’s song is exactly the kind of future bass and chill trap opus that gets me good. In fact, Louis Futon’s remix reminds me very much of Prince Fox’s remix of Sam Smith’s Stay With Me… a full on emotionally charged wobbly, shimmering, swelling masterpiece of saccharine, organic texture. The remix is sheer, heart-rending power.

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The legend never dies! 

This is the first half of the batch I’ve been working on. I decided to split them up into two groups because, unfortunately, my airbrush broke before I could finish painting all the masks. When the second half will be finished depends on when the replacement parts for my airbrush arrive.

Berlin producer BLVTH linked up with singer songwriter NOVAA earlier this year to bombard us with a heavenly torrent of future bass and chill trap on Ocean, a single lifted from of his 2016 EP 7IGER.  The latest single from that EP, its title track, proves itself a grandly arresting affair, too. With it, BLVTH cements himself into the annals of the “post-EDM” scene, a modernistic movement that tries to classify the way in which artists have outgrown the classic definition of a DJ or producer. BLVTH slides right in next to the likes of Crywolf and EDEN with his masterful song crafting and his emotive sweeping delivery. 7IGER is a vehemently impassioned future bass masterpiece, an intricately woven tapestry of sound. It resonates and fills the air around us with its dramatic shudders and tingling shivers. 7IGER can also be streamed off Soundcloud below. You can purchase BLVTH’s EP from iTunes.


Hozier - From Eden | Mahogany Session