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Aku Infected Jack

~11 of these are just redrawn poses from the episode. Still had to tweak them though (fix tangents, make clear silhouettes, change expression etc)

Nonetheless, I had fun making these. That last image of complete Aku!Jack is my fave of them all qwq

Sometimes, we know artists more than we know people in our lives. Especially musicians. Where do you think those lyrics come from? The words of musicians, poets & writers, share things from within their heart and soul that most people don’t have the ability to do. All of those feelings are sent to their brains, then transformed on paper, for the world to see. They choose to share their guts with us. So people can empathize and connect. That is special and generous.

So, yeah, when an artist that we have connected with dies, especially tragically like this, it fucking hurts. We feel helpless. We beat ourselves up with questions that cannot be answered. We go through the stages of mourning just like anyone else who knew them personally, and it is justified.


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 Background +5$ or 10$

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I was ashamed of my skin
not knowing this was the fortune I inherited from my ancestors
For I come from fields filled with sugar canes
and the land of five rivers
In slow denial of who I am
I forget that my brown skin is defined by my father’s struggle to raise me in a country
where my melanin is unseen.
But he reminds me everyday
that my brown eyes are the colour of the soil his roots grow from
strong and upright,
like the women of his country
who carried lineages on their backbones
and history in their hips
my curly hair is the crown I carry
for those who lost their privilege
between the borders of two countries

For I come from fields filled with sugar canes
and the land of five rivers
skin so resilient
hair so free
eyes filled with such a deepness
even the galaxies haven’t seen

—  brown skin beauty