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My lucky necklace ~
Look how cool it is - fashion, LoZ related and IT GLOWS IN THE DARK !

Anyways I bought this Poe Soul necklace on Etsy shop GeekOutlet over a year ago because I found it formidable ! It was my first purchase on Etsy ! Best purchase ever !

Awake my soul<3 featuring FeistyFashion’s lovely feather tank racer back 

get your own here

check out her Esty here, you wont be disappointed xx

anonymous asked:

Hello Ally, My daughter is a follower of yours. Looking at your blog she has all the same kinds of interests as you for example:1. She is vegan and passionate about it and health.2. She loves Harry Potter, One Tree Hill, FRIENDS etc. 3. She wants to travel more than anything but I'd be afraid to let her on her own. She is almost finished university now. Do you have any recommendations for some Christmas presents for someone like you? I am anonymous because I don't have a tumblr!

This is the sweetest message ever!! You are so kind and thoughtful, your daughter is incredibly lucky to have you. When the day arrives, please wish her a happy christmas from me too :)

This made me so excited to research for haha. My family doesn’t really do presents anymore but I still have plenty of ideas for things she might like!

I’ll give you the link to my Amazon prime list, it’s basically a bunch of presents I would buy for myself but can’t justify, so they should be in keeping with her taste and things she might enjoy receiving.

There’s 10 or so books on there that I want to read and I think books always make a fantastic gift, especially during the holidays when there’s time to read. Some related to health and veganism might be ‘How Not To Die’ or a cool plant based recipe book. My friend @emilyhuntt is releasing an ebook soon with vegan recipes and nutrition facts, that could be a nice idea!

Some cruelty-free make up could be nice! My favourite products I own right now are Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara, Tarte’s liquid eyeliner, and ELF’s highlighter. A Sephora voucher is a great idea if you have those near you. LUSH vouchers are always well received too.

Something in particular I’ve had my eye on online for years but never been able to justify is a hoodie from ‘Keith Scott Body Shop’. It’s a One Tree Hill reference, and that might be something your daughter hasn’t seen before but would really appreciate. 

This tote bag features my favourite quote from John Muir, but there are plenty to choose from, even some Harry Potter selections

This bar necklace is lovely. My friend has one that says ‘wanderlust’ but you could pick a word that is meaningful to your daughter

A Harry Potter ‘H’ knitted jumper would be amazing to unwrap on Christmas morning! I’m sure she’d love that as a fan.

This Gryffindor tapestry/blanket is obviously wicked cool

This divination planner might be the most awesome thing I’ve ever found

These cactus earrings are adorable

There are some great ethical brands to support too! YCL make stunning, simple necklaces, Vegan Style do gorgeous shoes and boots, In The Soul Shine makes apparel, and so on :) If you aren’t vegan yourself, I’d say a pretty awesome gift to her would be offering to sit down and watch a documentary of her choice! I asked my friends to do that for me in lieu of presents, to check out ‘Earthlings’ on Youtube. 

If it’s within your price range, a camera? I have a Canon G7x and love it, but the Sony equivalent is just as good and hugely discounted for Cyber Monday sales right now (I think it’s gone from $650 to $300).

A polaroid camera is always a nice idea, I think they go for around $60 these days

I love scented candles! Your daughter has her own taste I’m sure, but my favourite smells are salted caramel, vanilla, pumpkin spice and coconut.

If you’re open to it, I’d really reconsider the view on travel. I’m assuming your daughter is around 21, which is perfectly old enough to go travelling on her own! I have many friends who went at 18 right after high school, and that period of self exploration and seeing the world really transformed them as a person, bringing newfound confidence, independence and global perspective. If you really don’t feel comfortable, could you let her go with a friend? Or to visit a friend who lives somewhere else? Finally, if that isn’t an option, what about going with her? You could take an awesome mother/daughter adventure somewhere together. If you live in USA or Japan I would surprise her with a trip to Wizarding World (my parents did that when I graduated high school for my christmas present and it was the happiest day of my life). 

I hope some of this has been helpful! Feel free to message again with more information or your thoughts :)