Seeing a lot of name calling, slander, and backbiting going.

I hate to be a hypocrite because to an extent we all partake in this illness of the soul. However, I want to share something here for everyone to consider.

“When you expose the flaws of others, soon those flaws will manifest themselves in you.” — Imam Sajjad (as).

Don’t point out people’s flaws. If they don’t show up in you, they will show up in your family members, or your offspring. Then what will you say when people point out those flaws too?

“Protect the flaws of the ones on Earth, and the King of the Heavens shall protect yours.” — Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).

— Brother Hussain Al Nashed.


Spiritual reflection… If we can stay for five minutes without any thought in our minds, divine or undivine, good or bad then we immediately get the reflection of our inner soul. This inner soul represents our divine perfection, both in our outer life and in our inner life. Through pure meditation, pure thought, pure character, we are in a position to reflect upon our inner divinity. One has to remain all the time deep inside in the inmost recesses of one’s inner being. It is from there that the actual inner illumination comes to the fore. This is reflection.

- Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol. 4, No.10


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On this day in music history: October 22, 1966 - “The Supremes A’ Go Go”, the tenth album by The Supremes hits #1 on the Billboard Top 200 for 2 weeks, also topping the R&B album chart for 4 weeks on the same date. Produced by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Hal Davis and Frank Wilson, it is recorded at Motown Studio A in Detroit, MI from Fall 1965 - Summer 1966. The Motown superstar trio’s tenth full length release in just four years, the album consists mostly of cover versions of recent Motown songs (“This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)”, “Get Ready”, “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) and pop hits ("These Boots Are Made For Walking”, Hang On Sloopy"), along with newly composed original songs for the group. It spins off two singles including “Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart” (#9 Pop, #7 R&B), and “You Can’t Hurry Love” (#1 Pop, #1 R&B). The Supremes become the first all female group in history to top the Billboard Pop and R&B album charts, with ‘A Go Go selling over a million copies in the US (3.5 million internationally) becoming their second largest selling album worldwide behind their double LP Greatest Hits collection released a year later.

Sometimes, you sit with the pencil gripped between your fingers and your mind scattered all over places your heart once lived in. Sometimes, you think back on your memories or people, wishing for some inspiration to flow by you, but nothing seems to come. Sometimes, you could be sitting on that sagging armchair for hours, hoping for a small spark or just an idea of a new masterpiece. Sometimes, you wish you would be whisked to another reality with a broader imagination and a larger landscape of words, but the page is still left empty. Sometimes, the lines of the pages linger with no story written because they have come to realise that the author was too tired to dance with their strings anymore. Sometimes, we authors lose hope on words that seem to only reflect ourselves. Sometimes, we authors lose words because our heart have decided to do the writing instead. Sometimes, we authors decide to let the words be written on our skin and carved into our bones because our fingers could not hold the pen anymore.


Little Girl - Donny Hathaway (Donny Hathaway, 1971)


Earth, Wind, & Fire - ‘Let’s Groove’ - 1981


Git On Up - Funk St. Workshop (Girl I Know What You Thinkin’ / Git On Up, 1975)


after all the hype for hayley kiyoko im left kinda dumbfounded at the fact that syd tha kyd doesnt have a wlw following yet. she’s lesbian and in pretty much all of her songs she sings about women. furthermore she’s just a masterful artist; her songs are smooth and sexy and full of feeling and can be likened to the sound of frank ocean’s channel orange. make syd that kyd a wlw icon 2k16


Solange drops 21-track epic A Seat at the Table — listen now

When it’s all said and done, 2016 may go down as the year the Knowles sisters transcended pop and became legend. Thursday, just before midnight, Solange Knowles released her third studio LP, A Seat At the Table, her first full-length in eight years — and it’s an instant masterpiece. But we’ll let you listen and be the judge.

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