In Your Arms Tonight Popularity Vote

No. 1: Kippei Ebihara

Kippei: Did you select me? …Thanks

No. 2: Shohei Aiba

Shohei: Second place?! Am I the coming era soon?

No. 3: Koichi Natsukawa

Koichi: There’s such a thing? Did you vote for me?

No. 4: Kiyoto Makimura

No. 5: Souji Higashiyama

No. 6: Genji Higashiyama

Genji: I lost to the two… It’s so… (He meant Kiyoto and Souji. He lost to the two younger ones XD)

No. 7: Ginnosuke Oguri

Ginnosuke: I would not teach again, the attractiveness of an adult.

No. 8: Tadashi Moriyama (He’s Koichi’s friend by the way. Yes, he’s a playabale character ^^)

Tadashi: ……

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Shout out to all the AMAZING Voltage men who loved you before the prologue even started.
And also the same men who probably suffer severe heartbreak every time you choose a route that’s not theirs.


Characters From Left To Right:

Tatsuro Togoshi, Mitsuru Kamonobashi, Shinra
Souji Higashiyama, Shohei Aiba, Genji Higashiyama
Ichigo Sato, Takeshi Yuno, Rihito Hatsune
Johji Chakura, Haruki Tanemura, Kaniji Akizuki
Sosuke Kikuchi, Akito Kakiuchi, Ken
Yu, Glenn J. Casiraghi, Junpei Miyashita


*Note: I apologize if I’ve left any of them out, by the way. These are just the ones who first come to my mind! Also, I meant to leave out Ryuzo because he forgot about you for awhile there in DDIWT