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aaa!! another new persona blog to follow! welcome! hope your blog flourishes in followers and asks! may i request for p3, p4, and p5 protags and how they would deal with their growing crush over s/o?

aaah thank you! i had a little too much fun with this one and it is a little long, but i hope you enjoy it! (also, I call yu souji, so i hope that doesn’t bother anyone.)


  • Minato was usually stoic around other people, but when he was around you, he dropped his cool demeanor instantly. He didn’t know exactly why at first, and was confused why you could make him embarrassed so easily.
  • After a few days, he finally realized that he had a crush on you, and was even more flustered by that. He never had to deal with these things, so he really didn’t know how to.
  • Minato, being who he is, went to the internet for answers first. Searching things like ‘how to deal with a crush’ or ‘how to stop liking someone’. After a few hours of research, he came up with nothing but stronger feelings for you. Accepting that he wasn’t going to get rid of it that easily, he tried to move on.
  • The next couple of weeks, he came to a realization that he didn’t want to stop loving you, unlike how he initially had wanted to. He was scared, yes, but he didn’t want the feelings to disappear. All he wanted was for you to be his and to be able to protect you.
  • So once again, being who he was, he came up to you one day and spilled his feelings to you. He didn’t feel like it was right to hide something like this from you, and since you were friends he thought you would at least forget it for him and let him move on.
  • What he didn’t expect was for you to return his feelings.
  • So he asked you on a date to Wild Duck Burger, of course. You laughed inside your head, not that you were complaining though, and agreed.
  • Minato then decided that maybe having a crush wasn’t so bad. After all, he now had a date with you.


  • Souji would know he had a crush on you when he felt butterflies in his stomach during a seemingly normal conversation. You were one of his friends, and he thought that was all at first, but apparently there was more.
  • He didn’t deny the feelings at first and wanted to tell you. After thinking about it for a bit, though, he decided he didn’t want to risk losing you just for a little crush. He also didn’t want to hold it in forever, but he thought that losing you would be a fate worse than death.
  • As the weeks went on, he realized it wasn’t just a little crush. He was absolutely, positively, madly in love with you. Just making eye contact was enough to get him embarrassed. Once he noticed this, he tried to avoid you. Maybe staying away from you would cause his feelings to go away, too.
  • Souji’s plan failed. His feelings only grew stronger, and it caused you to approach him after school a few days later. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, he guessed. You asked him why he was avoiding you, not telling him that it was hurting you feelings but he could tell it was. He apologized to you, but said he couldn’t explain it. He tried to walk away, but you grabbed his arm before he could.
  • You both knew he could easily escape your hand’s grasp, but he didn’t. Sucking in a breath, he explained that he had a crush on you and that he was going mad because of it. He didn’t want you to abandon him, so he tried to ignore it, and eventually you.
  • Before he could take back what he said, you quickly told him that you felt the same way. It was an understatement to say he was shocked.
  • Before either of you knew it, you had planned a date at Aiya’s. You walked away with a smile, telling him you would see him tomorrow, not noticing his beaming smile behind you.
  • Maybe everything would be okay in the end, Souji thought.


  • Akira was confused why he had a crush on his friend, of all people. Why not a random stranger? He wasn’t sure.
  • He did his best to hide it the first day he realized, and once he got home began to look up online on how to get rid of a crush. Thankfully, Morgana didn’t question it. After an hour or so, he came up with nothing but to hold it in or to confess. He decided holding it in would ultimately be better than making such a risky move like confessing.
  • It wasn’t, though. After a few weeks, he realized his crush only got worse and he could barely hold a conversation with you without blushing or rambling on about things that wasn’t even remotely related to the subject. He needed to make a plan to fix that, and fast.
  • He eventually decided to invite you over to Leblanc one day, hoping that he could either confess or move on. You agreed, and went home with him that day.
  • It wasn’t unnatural for him to invite you over, so you went on like you usually did. You played video games together, watched a movie, and once Sojiro had closed the shop he even made you curry and coffee. All in all, it was nice. It even made your own crush on him grow even stronger.
  • You two were sitting in one of the booths across from each other when he decided it was going to be now or never. Akira started fidgeting nervously, and asked you what you would do in a situation where you liked your friend. Thinking he wasn’t talking about yourself, you said that you would confess when you felt the time was right, if you thought you wouldn’t lose the other. You felt disappointed that it wasn’t you, but ignored it.
  • You asked why he was asking you, and he confessed to you. Stunned, you sat there for a minute in shock, before admitting with a relieved smile that you felt the same way.
  • You planned a date at the Shibuya Diner before he walked you back to the station so you could go home. As he headed back to his own home, he felt that everything was going to turn out well after all. He couldn’t wait until your first date.