no but at the end when it’s doing the shots of all the people, everyone in the closing scene is one of Hardy’s suspects and the suspect music is playing. So, why was Ellie Miller involved in this clip, bearing in mind Joe was blurred out? Could Ellie be hiding something and baring in mind, Paul said he told all four parents about the fight but when Ellie was talking to Alec, she denied all knowledge of the boys aggressive battle and told him that Danny hadn’t come round for months, proving this was a fierce friend-split so something must of happened and Ellie being the protecter would care for her son and not tell anyone if he wanted her too. Also let’s bring up the fact that SOCO Brian fancies her, is he hiding something for her and tries to cover it by letting her go in all the forensic scenes? I know she wears protections but still, he can tell his team that Ellie had been in there and there must of been a rip in her glove or something stupid. I’ve been thinking about this deeply since the episode finished, you can tell because I’ve gone overboard with the amount of shit I’m typing. Also, I noticed, Ellie’s getting stressed with Tom and Joe, for example when they were going to bed she said to Joe: “yeah that’s your answer to everything, do it bloody tomorrow” […] ” yeah, what have you done? you can’t even finish painting this room. six BLOODY months!” I mean don’t get me wrong it’s 2:30am when this conversation happens and she’s had a shit as hell day with alec, susan and nigel, but Ellie was always the calm person in this investigation, didn’t get OVERLY effected by stuff and blergh. With this point, lets just quote some Alec Hardy: “Murderers behave differently over time.” Make of it what you will, the cast said it’s a shock reveal and from what I’ve seen in the tag so far, Ellie’s not been suspected, just her family? I really apologise for what you’ve just read because It’s late and I’ve just been hit by an unacceptable fucking cliffhanger so i don’t know what I’m typing soz but send me and ask cus i want to here YOURRRR theories!