eu to caindo aos pedaços outra vez e tenho medo
meu corpo arrepiado de algum susto que eu não sei
tem algo errado com o meu estômago e eu quero vomitar
eu sinto falta de algo que não cabe no meu peito
eu  to implodindo como se o mundo fosse acabar agora mesmo e eu desse graças a Deus
eu sinto falta das pessoas que foram embora
que se fodam todas elas
eu sinto falta de algo meu que eu perdi pelo caminho
das palavras sujas que eu ouvi de outra boca
de quem chegou já indo embora porque eu sou inferno demais pra suportar
eu sou tão podre por dentro
essa é uma confissão
de não saber quem eu sou
de ser alguém que eu não quero mais ser
eu me tranquei em chaves por tanto tempo
não aguento mais
eu sou louca pra caramba
cheguei a conclusão de que talvez eu fique sozinha
eu pareço uma mentira embrulhada em sorrisos
o mundo lá fora não me vê
que farsa

hopping on the 'omgcp characters as things ive done' bandwagon
  • bitty: power walked to the corner store at 10pm to buy marshmallows so i could try out the recipe idea i'd just had in the shower
  • jack: forgot the english word for baking soda and called it bicarbonate de soude throughout a conversation about baking, with increasing anger as people laughed at me
  • shitty: prevented a dispute over costume changing areas in my theatre group by putting on a pretty dress and distracting everyone mid- half-naked yelling with the power of crossdressing
  • ransom: was so infamously gay for a particular fictional character that people (mostly online friends but also a couple strangers) actually wrote fanfic/rpf about me with him, still easily findable through the tag system if you know what the ship name was
  • holster: was forced into choir for a year and hated the teacher so much, i did the "call them by the wrong name to show them you don't care" thing, but i used "treble cleff" which was similar to her name and pretended it was a cute music nickname, became her favourite student for it
  • lardo: bought 3 sets of mannequin legs, 1 torso, and a singular arm from a clothing store that was going out of business, made them installation pieces in my house
  • chowder: bought an entire teddy bear because it was wearing canucks (my home team) gear, no other reason, and snapchatted it staged in various situations for days
  • nursey: decided i didn't like the slam poem i was meant to perform on the day of the competition, wrote an entirely new poem from the POV of mickey mouse and memorised it in 2 hours, proceeded to almost blow out my voice practicing my falsetto
  • dex: found out i fit in a rubbermaid box in my classroom, climbed in during break & shut the lid, stayed in it for so long the teachers thought i was missing, was required to do a psych eval because of it
  • tango: doodled instead of paying attention in math class and i was trying and failing to draw a spider web so when the teach asked "any questions" i said "how do you draw a spider web" and she immediately turned around and drew one on the board for me like "are you getting this" and i was like "thanks" and went back to drawing as she slowly realised that was not a math question
  • whiskey: participated in a day of silence event but i was never given the official mask for it so i just duct taped my mouth shut instead
  • kent: got engaged at 17 after proposing to my best friend over text message because we both have a 'live fast die young' mentality and believe that we'll never get married any other way, now we're planning the wedding in earnest
my personal experience with the signs described by 5SOS lyrics
  • aries: let's forget who we are and dive in to the dark
  • taurus: nothing like the rain when you're in outer space
  • gemini: two wrongs make it right
  • cancer: you're the thing that i can't quit
  • leo: salt on your skin is pulling me in
  • virgo: even mountains crumble into the sea
  • libra: fell fast, ended faster
  • scorpio: you've got a shot though
  • sagittarius: everybody's got their demons
  • capricorn: i'm still running back to you
  • aquarius: the truth is spelt out in your eyes
  • pisces: maybe there's nothing after midnight that could make you stay

my boys

sofacoin  asked:

What's the difference in pronunciations between the Ss in Ssael and the S in Soud? Are they, perhaps, pronounced the same, but spelled so as an artefact from Old Tainish? What about the Mm in Mmatont- how's that pronounced?

Double S is a z. Double m is an m with a stop after, treat the mm like its own syllable. So it’s mm-atont. Like, yum, delicious traitors. Mm-atont.

Double n works the same. ssh- is the same. Double L I borrowed from Spanish, and is an english y, with the interesting New Tainish tweak of becoming a separate syllable if it’s at the end of a word. So sshupall (friend) is pronounced probably nothing like you’d imagine! It’s four syllables. ssh-oo-pah-yeh.

Originally I considered using more apostrophes and diacritics in Tainish but fantasy languages are always tattooed up with marks like eighty year old bikers. If French can have utterly unintuitive orthography, so can Tainish, by gum.

Je me sens trop sexy quand je dis des trucs genre “oué alors attends je vais souder ce machin” jore ohmagad je suis trop un pédé manly qui break les stéréotypes je suis pas que artsy et Angusse Princesse des Fleurs et après je me rappelle que en fait le pédé viril qui soude à l'arc en marcel tous muscles dehors c'est AUSSI un cliché homo, des années 80 en plus, et je pleure.

anonymous asked:

Oh why is close platonic relationships looked down on? Like does this mean they don't encourage friendships? Also, I remember that Lemuel was considered the better husband option to Duane in the short story you had, why was that?

Only relationships between people of different castes. Golds should stick with Golds, Silvers with Silvers, and so on. Work relationships are fine but hanging out together outside of work is considered weird. Like, why aren’t they with their own caste in their own ghers? Are they trouble makers? Do their people not want them? Are they doing unholy things? Why aren’t their families good enough for them?

And it’s especially disliked when one of the parties is a Soud or a Bronze, who are looked down upon in general.

Duane considered Lemuel a better husband because Duane considered himself unattractive, bumbling, and boring. Leysa brings out low self-esteem in him. She is too perfect and wonderful. He is a prattling dunce with a receding hairline and why are his toes so hairy? Lemuel is beautiful, funny, indefatigable, and just broody enough to be sexy without being tedious. All the ladies love him.