soudamnhot replied to your photo: the max height of the race is prolly like????? 4…

(Breathes) tell me more

have you ever seen the video of the siamese cats getting Very Upset at their owner being the shower and crying the entire time? thats where i got the inspiration to make a race of tiny cat people

they retain a looot of cat mannerisms and functions, and its optional to teach them to speak if you get them as babies (at default breeders/mothers start teaching them to speak the human language)

they have a layer of short, thin fur covering pretty much their entire bodies that tufts out at the joints and theyll usually look very androgynous (playing with the idea of it being fashionable for them to look androgynous) 

theyre basically an upgrade of a cat, like theyre not servants but older ones can be asked to be a babysitter in some cases, they might be sent out on errands sometimes if they wanna help, and theyre just rly cute and make good company 

i cant think of a good name that goes for “cat people” so i might default to the japanese nekojin since that sounds pretty legit