KK so I know everyone likes these, so let’s get it poppin’ and pump out some more!

-Kirigiri’s ‘death’ scene took forever because Kirigiri kept moving in some way or another (I.E. her keg shaking, her mouth opening and closing, her chest rising/falling, etc.).

-Iruma and Kiibo’s 'sex scene’ also took forever to film because Iruma kept laughing and crying that this was too dirty and Kiibo kept crying bc he was being 'Deflowered’.

-Souda finally telling off Sonia for ignoring him 24/7 and then crying and apologizing with the others in the show laughing.

-Oogami’s 'ASAHINA’ yell takes popping up every 5 minutes of the blooper reel with everyone laughing and giving their input.
-Bonus: Imagine Togami yelling 'NAEGI’ to show Oogami how it might sound like.

-In Akamatsu’s 'execution’ scene, you can hear Saihara screaming 'MY WAIFU, NO!’

-This vine on Sayaka/Kyouko’s vine channel:
Hinata: Is that a hamster in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Komaeda: *Takes out knife*
Hinata: Oh, shit, nope! Its a knife! *Runs away*

-Or this one:
Mikan: *Strides up to Junko with a flirty smile* How old are you?
Junko: *Looks up from her phone* 15.
Togami/Syo/Hinata/Komaeda: *Screams no and drags her away*

-Souda, Fuyuhiko, and Akane chanting 'One of Us’ when one of the other actors are running late.

-In the scene where Fuyuhiko’s holding Peko while she’s beat up, they kiss on camera and everyone screams in joy.

-Syo and Komaru having an argument bc 'Listen, Dekomaru, I’M Deadpool! You can be Captain America!’ and Fujisaki just shrugging and saying that she’s Spiderman.
-Bonus: Syo yells that now she’s definitely Deadpool bc Spideypool’s fucking canon.

-In Celes’s execution, one of the pop-up flames fall and hit one of the costumed Monokumas in the audience. She unties herself and helps them with Togami (The camera man) laughing loudly.

-Hinata and Souda arguing over which cereal is 'Bomb’ or 'Lit’, with Hinata on Fruit Loops’ side and Souda on Frosted Flakes’ side
-Bonus: Komaeda being on Hinata’s side and Gundham on Souda’s side

-Fujisaki filming Fukawa and being like 'Look at this cute thing, she is the most beautiful thing on this planet omg’.
-Bonus: Fukawa doing the same thing when Fujisaki’s in the screen.

-Naegi calling Togami 'Dollface’ and Togami calling Naegi 'Tough Guy’ behind the scenes.

-Sayaka filming the actors and saying things like 'My brother’, 'My sister’, or, for Kyouko, 'My sweet girlfriend’.

-Togami filming the episode on his TV, thn switching to himself scowling in an exaggerated scowl when a Naegiri scene pops up.

-Every actor- even the stoic characters- doing the 'Eh eh eh’ thing where they wiggle around every time their face pops up on the TV.

-Natsumi and Sato glaring at each other, but once the director calls cut, there’s a lot of cute pictures Sayaka and Chiaki took of them eating ice cream together and watching the scenes laughing together.

-Komaeda running away with Hinata’s shirt screaming 'Sugar Honey Iced Tea!’ as Hinata screams in an exaggerated way after running after him.

-Souda filming Gundham on break and narrating his actions like the crocodile hunter.

-There’s a lost video of the DR1 cast and DR2 cast doing a music video for 'I don’t dance’ from HSM2.

-Asahina filming Celestia sitting in Yamada’s lap and doing his bloody makeup for Naegi’s hallucination with them laughing and Yamada booping Celes’s little nose.
-Bonus: Yamada curling Celes’s drills for her while she irons his jacket. Asahina films all of this in full detail.

-Hinata and Komaeda swapping clothes for an episode and all of the fans noticing so the directors had to reshoot the whole episode with the correct outfits.

And that’s pretty much all I can think of rn! I hope its good!

Danganronpa Non-Despair Au Shipping Headcanons

This is kinda just my musings on how certain couples would have gotten together and other headcanons about them in a non-despair au. I’m going to cover Ishimondo, Naegami, Komahina and Soudam. I’m keeping this PG-13 but I might do another later that’s has my 18+ headcanons.

So these two took for fricken ever to start dating, literally everyone else in their class saw the blatant flirting before they realized they were doing it, (there was even a betting pool for they’d finally confess, Celeste won obviously). But the two started off rivals of sorts, not outright hating each other just having very different moral. They argued a lot and eventually the class (mainly Junko who was sick of the sexual tension) locked them in the classroom for about an hour. The two talked for a while and ended up forming a mutual respect for each other.
They became good friends and spent a lot of time together. Ishmaru had come out as gay a while ago (long story made short his dad was trying to figure out how to win over the LGBT community and Ishimaru casually said that since he was gay he would probably have more luck with making a strategy for winning the vote. His dad took two days fully process it and eventually accepted it) and got teased a lot for it, however Ishimaru was totally ignorant to the mockery as he just saw it as the others stating the truth. Mondo found out and stood up for Ishimaru who thanked him despite not understanding why he had yelled at the other students. Mondo found his smile unnaturally cute and after about a week of obsessing over his friends sudden cuteness he realized that he was crushing big and basically confessed by leaving some notes around Ishimarus desk and locker. When he confessed in person Ishimaru just stared at him for a minute before hugging him and giving him a peck on the cheek. The next day they went to class together hand in hand and everyone congratulated them. Neither understood why they were being congratulated as they were trying to hide their new found relationship but shrugged it off. That day Celeste won $500.

Smaller headcanons are that Ishimarus boots take forever to get off but Mondo loves the way they look on the other. Ishimaru likes the way Mondo looks with his hair down and often plays with it when the other has it down. Ishimaru has dat ass, and Mondo constantly reminds him of this fact. Mondo’s gang only found out Mondo was when they came in one day to find the two making out. They were surprisingly accepting of the twos relationship.

I see Togami denying any feelings for Naegi, mainly idle thoughts of how cute the other was. Then one day he’d let it slip and call Naegi cute. To which Naegi would initially be flustered by then start teasing him. Togami would get annoyed and basically say fuck it and kiss Naegi to shut him up. It would indeed shut him up for about a minute before Naegi would swarm him with questions mainly being about what the kiss meant and if they were dating. It would annoy Togami even more and he’d kiss him again to shut him up and then say “We’re dating now” before shewing the other off because he wanted to read. The next day Kirigiri would congratulate Togami but no one else would notice any difference in the two till they realized Togami was actually listening to Naegi and was treating him a bit kinder(Naegi would have Togami wipped, mainly due to Togamis inability to resist the smaller boy when he asked him to do something).

A few smaller headcanons I have are that Naegi bought both a stepstool and a pair of platform boots to help him initiate kisses with Togami, that 10 inch height difference can create so many fun situations. Also on multiple occasions when they first started to date Togami would avoid kissing Naegi when they were both standing because it made him feel like he was kissing a child due to Naegi’s height and baby face. He also liked it when Naegi would sit in his lap, he enjoyed the closeness and warmth of the other.

So the two met when Komaeda was sent to get Chiaki one day because she was skipping class. Chiaki had befriended Hinata as per dr3 side Despair, and had bonded over video games. I headcanon Chiaki as ace btw. So Komaeda found the two at the water fountain and basically it was gay at first sight. He then proceeded to awkwardly stare at Hinata from a distance for a solid 5 minutes. Hinata saw this and told Chiaki who glanced up and saw Komaeda and called him over. He came over and still acted a bit awkwardly (Hinata thought he was a creep stalking Chiaki and he was half right) around Hinata. Chiaki bridged the gap through a 3 player game and the 3 kind of became a group. Hinata and Komaeda never hung out without Chiaki and Hinata was still a bit skeptical of Komaeda. Chiaki saw how Komaeda felt and decided to play matchmaker by ditching the two one day forcing them to talk and get to know each other.
There was awkward silence for a few minutes before the two began chatting and  found they had more in common then they thought. Hinata found Komaeda surprisingly charming though his  sense of humor was bit odd but still amusing. However he hated the way Komaeda talked about himself and told him to stop calling himself trash because that was stupid and untrue. Komaeda teared up and hugged Hinata, which startling him, before he relaxed and hugged back. After that they ended up hanging out a bit more, with Chiaki treating it like a matchmaking game, helping to push them along (she also totally shipped the two, along with Ibuki and Sonia) and once again a betting pool was made on when they two would finally get together. After a few months Hinata found he had a crush on the other but tried to ignore it.
One day Hinata introduced Komaeda to Naegi who he’d met in the library and bonded over their ahoge’s. He had decided to introduce the two after finding out that Naegi was the SHSL luck (Hinata had assumed he was a reserve school student like himself at first) and mentioned that his best friend was also a SHSL luckster and offered to introduce the two. When Komaeda met Naegi he acted like he did in side hope, a bit too handsy and flirty for Hinatas taste. Hinata ended up getting jealous and dragging Komaeda away prematurely. Komaeda was confused about what had happened but saw that Hinata was red in the face and tearing up a bit. Komaeda said something along of “I know you could never have feelings for trash like me and I’m probably just misunderstanding all of this but your acting a bit…. off so I might as well take this opportunity to tell you something I’ve been thinking for a long time. Hinata I love you and the hope that sleeps inside you. I hope your okay with trash like me liking you.’ Hinata would be a bit pissed about all the trash comments but tear up and hug the other in a basically tackle hug and kiss him telling him he felt the same. The two would laugh together and cuddle a bit.
The next day Komaeda would bring Hinata with him to have lunch in the main course building and they would sit really close and act disgustingly couply. Someone (probably Souda) would come up and throw money at Komaeda yelling at him about how he should be happy about winning the bet, and Komaeda would be really confused. It turned out Komaeda had won the bet about when he and Hinata would get together because he had heard the others making a bet and without knowing anything about what the bet was about he threw in some money and picked a random date, which ended up being the exact day the two confessed.

Small headcanons: The good luck of all that resulting in bad luck in the form of the two being cockblocked for about a year, whenever they tried to do more than making out they would get caught or interrupted, and I literally mean every time. Komaeda is also really  affectionate pulling Hinata into his lap constantly nuzzling his arm or leaning up against him. Hinata is also a total tsundere, denying that he likes how handsy Komaeda can be. He also loves playing with Komaedas mass of fluffy hair, Komaeda usually is the big spoon when they cuddle but it normally ends in them just curling up facing each other. These two are the most affectionate couple, they act very close and are constantly holding hands or hugging. Hinata likes to steal Komaedas jacket and wear it around, he claims its supper warm and comfortable and Komaeda never complains because he thinks Hinata looks absolutely adorable in his clothes.

So first off I headcanon Gundam as a flamingly gay dude, okay maybe not that bad but the type that you wouldn’t realize he’s gay till you were told and then everything makes sense. Anyway Souda would start off completely enamored with Sonia, however he liked the idea of Sonia as a perfect princess more that the real thing. Sonia liked Gundam, fully aware that he was gay but still tried to cozy up to him in hopes that he might fall for her, Souda didn’t realize he was gay and just assumed Gundam was after Sonia. At first I see Gundam not actually liking Souda, not hating him but being more impartial, but as he spent time with Sonia and Souda he would grow to like Souda and find his personality endearing and his actions rather cute, he would remind him of a grouchy dog, that really just wanted to be pet, mixed with a baby shark. Either way Gundam gradually developed a crush on Souda and was fully aware of his feelings, he also tried to spend more time alone with the other as he realized that Sonia’s presence would make Souda jealous of him. As they hung out alone more Souda would start to see Gundam not as a rival but a good friend, and start developing a small crush on the other, however he would vehemently deny it if asked and didn’t realize it himself.
One day Sonia and Gundam would have an argument and Sonia would look to Souda for help, Souda stopped hanging out with Gundam and finally got his wish of being with Sonia (not in a relationship more close friends) however despite getting  his wish he didn’t feel happy or content he felt like something was missing and eventually realized that he missed Gundam. He started asking around about Gundam and eventually found out that Gundam was gay and a rumor was being spread that he was dating someone. Souda felt heartbroken, but like the idiot he was he’d still have no idea why. He avoided Gundam for a week or two before finally realizing that he liked the other. The next day before class he stormed into the room, up to Gundum who tried to ask him why he had been acting so cold recently. Souda wouldn’t respond by grabbed Gundam by the scarf and pulling him down for a kiss. That kiss would lead to making out and the rest of the class would have to left the room after failing to get the two to stop, and also because they had had enough of seeing gay idiots being gay idiots due to Komaeda and Hinatas constant displays of public affection. After a while the class would go find Ishimaru and get him to break up the makeout session by repremaning the two for their displays of public affection all the while Mondo would be laughing his ass off because he and Ishimaru had been kissing in an abandoned classroom and just barely managed to avoid getting caught by the class.

smaller headcannons: Gundam is extremely weak to Soudas puppy dog eyes, he literally cannot say no to them. Souda likes stealing Gundams scarf because its warm and smells good. Gundam likewise steals Soudas hat because he thinks he looks better without it. Souda likes playing with Gundams four dark devas and occasionally refers to them as their children. Gundam tamed a shark and tried to give it to Souda for a birthday present which failed spectacularly and ended with a terrified Souda being held by the shark in the tank ( the shark thought Souda was its child), it took 20 minutes to get the shark to let go of Souda and since then Souda is reluctant to get into any pools. Gundam thinks Souda eats bread like a rabbit, nibbling on the edges. Despite others insistence Gundam refuses to believe that Souda is not an angel or water god, or that Souda is not cute, which Souda will constantly deny.