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  • Souda: "So Kamukura, do you have any hobbies?"
  • Izuru: "Nanami is my hobby."
  • Fuyuhiko: "A person can't be a hobby."
  • Izuru: "A hobby can be something that brings meaning and purpose to one's life. That's what Nanami does for me." "Though I suppose saying that she is my hobby wouldn't be correct. Being in her company is my hobby."
  • Souda and Fuyuhiko: "...." *didn't expect for him to get so deep all of a sudden*
  • Izuru: *wonders why they went quiet* "Was I not clear?"
  • Souda: *scratches cheek* "I-It's not that. It's just a little surprising to hear how much you care about Nanami."
  • Fuyuhiko: *rubs back of neck* "You hardly talk about her so we assumed that you didn't like her or something."
  • Izuru: "...."
  • Souda and Fuyuhiko: *assumes they made him upset* "Ah.."
  • Souda: "B-But we get now that you really like her!"
  • Fuyuhiko: "Yeah, we understand now."
  • Izuru: "I can see why Nanami values you two."
  • Souda and Fuyuhiko: "Huh?"
  • Izuru: "You have an interesting dynamic and make a unique pair."
  • Souda and Fuyuhiko: *embarrassed*
  • Fuyuhiko: "Geez Kamukura, you can't just say shit like that out of nowhere."
  • Souda: *teases him* "Kuzuryu, what you getting all shy for?"
  • Fuyuhiko: "Shut the fuck up or I'll kill you!"
  • Izuru: *wonders if he said something wrong*
  • Chiaki: *walks over to them* "Hey Kamukura-kun, what are you guys talking about?"
  • Izuru: "We were discussing hobbies. I told them that you were my hobby."
  • Chiaki: *laughs nervously* "I don't think I qualify as a hobby."
  • Izuru: "To me, you qualify as many things, Nanami."
  • Chiaki: *blushes slightly* "Oh..." *pulls her hood over her head*
  • Izuru: *wonders why she is hiding* "Is something wrong?"
  • Chiaki: "Nothing!" *runs away*
  • Izuru: *watches her go* "...."

Finally got around to finishing this, one of the most beautiful moments to ever appear on your blog ^-^ jfc I love Soudam so much! Thank you again Mod Lilli for running this blog so amazingly!

Aaaaaw I love this !! So much angst on Gundham’s face huhuhu…
I’m so happy to hear that you like my blog and Soudam ! Thank you very much for drawing this!! :D

-mod lili

Probably the felines that went thru the most DESPURR (=;ェ;=)

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