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Prompt: Something with Nagito's robot hand, IM BeGgInG YoU

Komaeda Gets Upgraded - Komaeda’s hand has a few tricks up its metal sleeve

“Someone, please shoot me.”

It was only a figure of speech. Hinata was just so stressed out lately and it was getting to him. So the words came out of his mouth just as casually as any of his snide comments. And so naturally, he was expecting no consequences to come from such a general statement.

Until a bullet narrowly missed him by mere millimeters.

“What the…” His eyes widened and traced the source of the bullet and his eyes narrowed down to a scathing glare. “What the hell was that for, Komaeda?”

“You asked to be shot.” He answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“It was sarcasm!” Hinata yelled at him in exasperation. “And where the hell did you even get a gun?!”

“Oh, right here.” Komaeda then showed off his hand where he pushed on some button to reveal one of his fingers had a hidden gun barrel installed. “See?”

Hinata stared dumbfoundedly and then scowled in disapproval. There could only be one suspect for this.

“Souda!” He angrily yelled at the mechanic even though he wasn’t far from the two. He tapped his foot irritably. “Please explain to me as to why the fuck is there a gun installed in Komaeda’s hand?”

He broke out in a cold sweat and his voice squeaked in fear. “…It seemed like a cool idea at the time?” He shrinked back but he didn’t sound like he was regretting his actions at all.

Hinata’s eyebrow twitched. “Any other upgrades that I seemed like cool ideas back then?”

“Uhh…” Souda shiftily avoided his gaze.

Well that was reassuring.

Komaeda clapped his hands. “He was kind enough to install a lot! Would you like me to demonstrate?”

Before Hinata could even stop him, it was already too late. An explosion burst forth from Komaeda’s arm and if it wasn’t for Hinata, or rather, Izuru’s talents, then they wouldn’t have survived the blast unscathed. Hinata groaned. Based from his analysis, this won’t be the last time they’ll have an incident like this because of Komaeda’s arm and its unnecessary upgrades and Hinata didn’t have enough patience to deal with this bullshit. This was more trouble than what it was worth.

“You know what? I don’t give a fuck anymore.” He tossed his arms in exasperation and pleaded in a defeated voice, “Please, shoot me.”

“Sure, thing. What kind of bullet do you prefer?” Komaeda’s smile was shining just like his metallic hand.

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Ryota becoming the little brother of the group and the rest try to keep Komaeda from corrupting him with his hope talk.

Acceptance - Ryota really is part of the class now

Ryota has done some horrible things in his life.

Ever since the day he met Junko, he had done nothing but regret. Day in and day out, the guilt he had over his sins weighed him down. He carried the burden of it all and it felt like with each passing day, he was getting closer and closer to getting crushed under its weight. He has caused so much suffering and so he also suffered. He suffered alone.

But he didn’t have to be alone, not anymore.

“You’ve lost weight. Have you been eating properly?” Ryotwo pointed out in concern.

“That’s no good, Ryotate-tots! You gotta eat lots, ya know!” Ibuki commented as she handed him another barbeque.

“You’re missing out on some good stuff. Food tastes way better after a victory!” Akane said with her mouth still full.

“Eat up to your heart’s content! I made that with love… and an extra spice for added flavor!” Teruteru grinned schemingly.

“Ew! I didn’t need to know that!” Hiyoko scowled. “Creepy comment aside, if you want some entertainment to go with your food then I might consider performing for free just this once.”

“D-Don’t worry about indigestion, I’ll h-help you out as much as I can.” Mikan offered timidly.

“Then let’s burn those calories afterward! You need exercise to match with your diet!” Nidai yelled encouraginly.

“Oi! Give the guy some space! You’re all smoldering him!” Kuzuryuu reprimanded them.

“Perhaps we’re just making up for lost time.” Pekoyama commented with a small smile.

“Ah. That was a nice shot!” Koizumi said after her camera flashed.

“Please do not hesitate to ask us if you need anything else.” Sonia insisted.

“Hey, if you need help with gadgets for making your anime then you can count on me.” Souda said proudly as he puffed his chest.

“Should anyone cause you trouble then divine punishment will reign down on your enemies! You are now under a contract with the Forbidden One!” Gundam bellowed out.

“I’m sure your hope will only shine brighter now!” Komaeda said with a huge grin.

His eyes scanned the whole class who were full of smiles, and joy, and hope.

“How is it?” Hinata nodded at him with a small and tender smile. “Isn’t it more fun with everyone?”

And he thinks, he doesn’t regret his choice of choosing this future.

“Yes, it’s certainly is.” Ryota said with a smile. “I feel like I missed out on a lot by skipping out all those classes back then.”

It felt like it’s been so long since the last time he pulled his lips upward. There was just something comforting about the atmosphere and he knew that he had their company to be grateful for. These wonderful classmates, these empathetic comrades, these hopeful friends. He felt at ease here with everyone who not only understood him, they also accepted him and his sins.

Ryota has done some horrible things in his life and so have his classmates. Together, they carried these sins with them.

And together, they moved on.


More doodles because I’ve been working on prints for a convention and don’t have much free time to draw things other than these scribbles haha

Featuring - I don’t know her personality yet, but is talent shipping a thing?? Friends who make rad stuff together?? Imagine.

and Chisa fretting over her first day of class until almost 3am in the morning.

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Hell, no! Kazuichi is shouting pretty loudly, tears already in his eyes.100% pure princesses aren’t interested in men who fight! Just you watch, I’ll win her heart with my charm and wit!

Gundam scoffs. The mechanical one seems hellbent on acting as if he is higher than scrapping over this matter, but I agree. I refuse to take part in this mortal act of “fighting” for the She-Cat. I opt to resolve the issue with civility.

Whaddya mean, acting?! You wouldn’t know civility if it hit you over the head with a wrench!

So, this is the charm and wit you were speaking of. I’m breath-taken.

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Hey Teru-chan, what are you planning on dressing up as for Halloween? (What is Crispy-sempai dressing up for Halloween as well?)

“Hmm.. I don’t know really, I don’t dress up much. Does anyone have any suggestions?”

// Aaaa I am no senpai! *waves hand* ;;; I don’t know, I am not really invited anywhere, but if I put something nice together…. Maybe a clown/jester of some sort? I really love their make up and how creative you can get with it //