Took a little break from work today to draw me a pair of cute lil i7 fluffs~

I draw a lot of fluff Sougo fox (of course I lov himmmm) but I think I only drew Momoshiba once so I had to fix that :3c

I might do more, those are quick and fun to make ´v`


Hello Fukuoka! (02/21)

Special thanks to (@aseria) for proofreading (^_-)-☆

Visual Board Tour Event:

Sendai | Sapporo | Hiroshima | Fukuoka

Mitsuki: Let’s begin for today! IDOLISH7’s web program…

All: Kimi to ‘Ai'dolish Nai to~!

Iori: This web program is presented by the seven of us, IDOLISH7, and takes place the same time as our tour to seven cities, “Visual Board Tour”.

Mitsuki: It’s sad that we had to leave Hiroshima. But starting today on February 21, we are visiting Fukuoka! People of Fukuoka, please take care of us~!

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Own Me


“FUCK!” Rin growled as his fist met the mettle of his locker door at the police station. The words “hyper aggressive”, “out of control”, “angry shark boy” (the last courtesy of his partner Sousuke) echoed in his mind. He hated it when he got like this; his rut cycle was probably the worst part of being an Absolute Alpha. It meant taking time off from the job he loved to either hide away in his bedroom jacking off, taking the chance of getting in a brawl (and losing his job), or finding someone who could actually take what he had to give (not likely).

When he presented it was not an easy thing to understand for him. Here he was, lively and bubbly, albeit a bit of a hyper active kid, who suddenly was beyond aggressive every few months. His poor mother had to lock him away, much like what the omegas had to deal with, just not as painful or as long. His aggression had even caused pain to his best friend, which he had really never forgiven himself for.

Hell, he couldn’t even recall the amount of walls he had punched, fights he had been in, or how badly he just wanted to find the right Omega who could quell this deep heated desire to control. Even for as hyper aggressive as he was, he was truly a romantic at heart and it killed him knowing that not just any Omega would ever be able to handle him.

Right now though, he was wallowing in a wash of extrodinaraly high testosterone levels that would cause him nothing but trouble for the next few days. For fuck sake this was day one and he wasn’t even at his peak. It had been a while too, which might explain why it was coming on as strong as it was. Either that or there was a chance a particularly strong Omega was going in to heat around him, which was incredibly dangerous for him to be around.

His head was pounding as he pressed his forehead to the cool steel of his locker. He took in a deep breath with closed eyes in an attempt to calm himself, which was actually possible. Even though he was a much more domineering alpha, he also had a lot more control over himself that most. He was able to keep his urges for the most part, especially because he knew that he could really hurt most Omega’s he knew or met.

It was in this moment of calm that his phone started to ring in the pocket of his uniform pants. Snapping out of his silence he pulled his phone out and glared at it, figuring it was probably Sousuke harassing him about getting beer and getting his ass home. Sanguine eyes widened in surprise, it was Haruka. He never called. Unless it was an emerge….oh shit.

Swiftly he swiped his finger across the screen and answered the call. “Haru, what’s wrong?” He barked out, not really meaning to sound as angry as it came across.

“WHAT!” Rin yelled as he felt a sudden wave of nausea start to twist at his stomach. This was not happening. Makoto, sweet, warm, loving Makoto (who had an ass to die for) was missing. No, that was not the issue. The issue was that he had ran out of his suppressant and…oh fuck this was bad news. He knew it had been a very long time since Makoto had been in heat, and it was likely going to be a fast onset and beyond intense.

Haru was freaking out, well, for Haru. That meant more words than usual and actual inflection in his tone. Rin did his best to calm him, his own state not helping at all ”Ok ok…Just…Just stay home…Sou is off duty too…dude…chill the fuck out. We got this!”


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Happy Birthday for my amazing king Minji-chan! 26.2

  • Makoto: soukun where are we going
  • Makoto: neeeh dont u just cover my eyes and walk me to nowhere
  • Makoto: soukuuuun im asking you?
  • Makoto: soukun?
  • Makoto:
  • Makoto:
  • Makoto: sousuke... you... and the cats..
  • Sousuke: happy mother's day. thanks for being the loveliest wife ever. i love you so much.
  • Cats: Meow~~
  • Makoto: //sobs

nobody is immune to nagisa’s charm 

this ova has slayed my soul goodbye world SOUCHAN-