What’s supposed to be in the past, leave it there. Really, you hear people say it all of the time but for your situation you tend to feel its the exception because of the person you fell for and who they used to be in your eyes. Never try to take a relationship from the past and match who they were with who you are now, 99% of the time it fails. As humans we grow every day, grow taller, grow larger, grow apart, grow even further apart.. however we grow we’re not supposed to try and backtrack our progress. When you grow taller, you don’t try and stump yourself on the head to be shorter again right? So do it in in the sense of growing apart from someone, you’re doing all of that head-stumping and only hurting yourself and giving yourself the unnecessary headaches.

LIVE AND LET LIVE. LOVE AND LOVE MORE.. let your soul do the rest.

—  RheaNadia