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(Hi I'm going to scream here bc u said it's ok to do so) ur fics r a blessing. Btw now i kind of need the Compliment Yuuri Party to be a thing in my life. I have so many feelings about this boy; he's so freaking amazing He moved all alone to another country to achieve his dream. Even before vitya came into his life, he was already japan's top skater and made it to the gpf; and wle dealing with anxiety! I wish he was more aware of how amazing he is. Im so proud and just want to hug him, really

YES this is exactly the right place to come screaming about Katsuki Yuuri’s appreciation i’m open to it 24/7 and also aaahhhhhh you’re so nice im??? thank you;;;;;;

Okay hear me out we can’t have a real party because of dumb multiverse theories where the characters don’t really technically exist in this reality but I’m gonna throw the hot, sweet potato to someone who can and is absolutely in line with our constant “I love Katsuki Yuuri and everything that he stands for” mood.

(I posted this on ao3 too!)

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Sougo Bday Card (2017) Rabicha Spoilers

Here is Tamaki’s. *warning*: super long. I went overboard and almost translated half of his rabicha this time hahah. I plan to do Nagi’s too!

Part 1

Sougo: I feel like this year’s birthday is different than last year’s.

Sougo: Last year, the feeling of guilt was stronger. I felt bad that everyone had to do all of that to me. But this year, I’m really looking forward to it.

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A Birtday Party With Tony Stark

Words: 804

Warnings: none at all ☺

SUMMARY: Tony is asked to make an appearance as Iron Man for Steve’s son’s b-day party. He shows up and surprises everyone.

Author: Killer raccoon

Steve asked Tony to make an appearance as Iron Man at his son’s birthday party, he planned it perfectly so that he knew Pepper would be around when he asked. He’d noticed that Tony had a more difficult time turning down personal requests when Pepper was around. First- because Tony always wanted to impress her. And second- because if Tony did decline, Steve knew that Pepper had grown very good at the art of persuasion and would find a way to convince him. Tony would sometimes decline attending things he didn’t even mind doing, just to see if he could barter with Pepper for some kind of extra reward or incentive. But Pepper was on to his tricks by now. So of course even though Tony was reluctant, making a string of his usual excuses, Pepper was able to get Tony to give in.

Tony arrived at the birthday party, on time, escorted by Pepper.

The house was decked out with every possible Iron Man decoration under the sun. Steve just rolled his eyes, like Tony needed any sort of ego boost, now his face was plastered everywhere with kids practically worshipping at his feet. But much to both Pepper and Steve’s surprise, Tony had altered his suit for the occasion to perform functions and tricks that were safe for kids, and that entertained them for almost two hours. It made Pepper smile to know that Tony had put in the extra effort for these kids, even without her pressuring him to do so. It was his own choice.

After two hours of entertainment, Tony was pretty exhausted. Entertaining kids really took it out of him, plus he still wasn’t sleeping completely. Pepper finally stepped in to relieve Iron Man of his performing duties and Tony graciously accepted her help calming down the kids who couldn’t get enough of him.

When the crowd of kids dispersed for Iron Man red velvet cake, Tony took off his suit and took a seat at a nearby table. Pepper volunteered to retrieve a piece of cake for him while he waited. It was then that Tony spotted a distressed little boy crying in the back of the yard. He looked around for some kind of adult or parent to tend to him but no one seemed to see him from where he sat in the yard. A little time passed and Tony was starting to get anxious that the boy was still unattended to. So he got up and went over to the crying child, trying to comfort him while being completely uncomfortable himself. Through choked back sobs the boy confessed that he had arrived late to the party and missed out on seeing iron man, not recognizing Tony without the suit. Tony was relieved, now this was something he could actually help the small child with.

He went and got the suit and gave the boy a private show, demonstrating the water guns he’d installed in place of the repulsor beams just for the occasion, among other silly alterations he had made. The boy began to laugh and squeal with delight. Pepper watched Tony from across the yard in awe.

The little boy beamed up at Tony and thanked him, saying he was the luckiest boy in the world because he got to hang out with Iron Man. Tony took his helmet and handed it to him, telling the boy he could keep it if he didn’t tell any of the other kids. The boy threw his arms around Tony from his sitting position and pulled Tony down into a hug, thanking him profusely and calling him his best friend. Tony tousled his hair in return and said “you bet!” then encouraged the boy to join the rest of the kids.

Pepper watched as Tony sat in the grass, starting at where the boy had sat, with a stupid grin on his face. She walked over and brought him is cake and leaned down to kiss him on the cheek.

“I’m proud of sou, mrs Iron Man” she said.

They rode home in silence, Pepper gripping Tony’s hand tightly between them.

They got ready for bed separately and climbed in together. There was this pang in Pepper’s heart, playing out the whole scene she had witnessed in her head, over and over again. Tony looked so happy with that little boy. He had made that boy so happy.

They lay there in the semi-dark silence, until “I think we should have a baby!” they both blurted out at the same time.

Both of their faces lit up at the other’s confession, there was sincerity and hope in their eyes. They had a lot to talk about but they wasted no time sharing a sweet kiss, stripping each other, and practicing their baby-making skills that same night.


When I told to some of my friends that I liked Blue very much they started to call me as Blueberry, and as I have two friend that are Ink and Dream, so I decided to draw this….. And, oh boy I’m really proud of my drawning. *-*

And , yeah, I put the name “The star girls”, I think this name already exists, but I decided to put it anyway. 

Ink!Sans as @sorusazuke

Dream!Sans as @pacyanned

Blueberry!Sans as me

Ink!Sans belongs to @comyet/ @myebi 

Dream!Sans belongs to @jokublog

Blueberry!!Sans belongs to their respective creator


Follower Gift - Toddler Poses

I honestly do not know what to write here? LOL! I’m so bad with speeches and even more when it comes to impulsive gifts… kinda thingies… haha!

First I just wanted these for the Sou triplets, but I am so proud of them, that I feel like actually sharing my first posepack with you guys. Yes, that’s right! This is my very first posepack EVER! I made couple of poses a few years ago, but they were no good, but after the Sou triplets were born I had got some inspiration to actually make some. Toddler poses ftw! 

I would specially like to thank my great friend, supporter and teacher, @sgisims for all the help! Thank you for all your help. LOL! I feel like I was being annoying, ahaha! 


Poselist and non-poselist included

I recommend using OMSP for the sitting toddler pose. 


Standard tou applies. Don’t re-upload, claim as your own yada yada. You can tag me if you decide to use them. I will reblog! 

when i’m feelin down… i draw my favs crying so i’m not alone (ง•̀o•́)ง

when rin asked makoto to help him with his dumb samezuka prank war, makoto agreed not thinking yamazaki-kun would cry as a result, so he himself ended up crying tenfold as he apologized afterwards. they’re good though, because sousuke thought of a few ways for makoto to make it up to him

Ali looks out for herself first.”- Hanna.
I’m not taking the plea.”- Ali.

And again the girls were wrong.
And again they jumped into conclusions, and are living by the past.
And i’m sou proud of Ali.
She is living a hell on that prison and is still thinking on the girls
if you still think Ali is a bad person after all this, i’m sorry, but you’re either dumb or watching a totally different show