sou proud of this

when i’m feelin down… i draw my favs crying so i’m not alone (ง•̀o•́)ง

when rin asked makoto to help him with his dumb samezuka prank war, makoto agreed not thinking yamazaki-kun would cry as a result, so he himself ended up crying tenfold as he apologized afterwards. they’re good though, because sousuke thought of a few ways for makoto to make it up to him

Ali looks out for herself first.”- Hanna.
I’m not taking the plea.”- Ali.

And again the girls were wrong.
And again they jumped into conclusions, and are living by the past.
And i’m sou proud of Ali.
She is living a hell on that prison and is still thinking on the girls
if you still think Ali is a bad person after all this, i’m sorry, but you’re either dumb or watching a totally different show