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Sougo Bday Card (2017) Rabicha Spoilers

Here is Tamaki’s. *warning*: super long. I went overboard and almost translated half of his rabicha this time hahah. I plan to do Nagi’s too!

Part 1

Sougo: I feel like this year’s birthday is different than last year’s.

Sougo: Last year, the feeling of guilt was stronger. I felt bad that everyone had to do all of that to me. But this year, I’m really looking forward to it.

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When I told to some of my friends that I liked Blue very much they started to call me as Blueberry, and as I have two friend that are Ink and Dream, so I decided to draw this….. And, oh boy I’m really proud of my drawning. *-*

And , yeah, I put the name “The star girls”, I think this name already exists, but I decided to put it anyway. 

Ink!Sans as @sorusazuke

Dream!Sans as @pacyanned

Blueberry!Sans as me

Ink!Sans belongs to @comyet/ @myebi 

Dream!Sans belongs to @jokublog

Blueberry!!Sans belongs to their respective creator


Follower Gift - Toddler Poses

I honestly do not know what to write here? LOL! I’m so bad with speeches and even more when it comes to impulsive gifts… kinda thingies… haha!

First I just wanted these for the Sou triplets, but I am so proud of them, that I feel like actually sharing my first posepack with you guys. Yes, that’s right! This is my very first posepack EVER! I made couple of poses a few years ago, but they were no good, but after the Sou triplets were born I had got some inspiration to actually make some. Toddler poses ftw! 

I would specially like to thank my great friend, supporter and teacher, @sgisims for all the help! Thank you for all your help. LOL! I feel like I was being annoying, ahaha! 


Poselist and non-poselist included

I recommend using OMSP for the sitting toddler pose. 


Standard tou applies. Don’t re-upload, claim as your own yada yada. You can tag me if you decide to use them. I will reblog! 

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Kisumi-kun is crying ^_^ It's understandable. Sou-chan was so cute and adorable <3 he did his best making those gifts

He’s still crying and hasn’t taken the necklace off. He can’t get over that morning and Sou’s adorableness quite yet (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

Sou pup did his best!! So proud of him! He made the necklace and card at school during quite time/nap time. It took him a couple of days but he made it in time. He also got some help obtaining the lollipop from Makoto. He gave Rinrin his piggy bank savings to give to Makoto. The lollipop was given to Sou the next day. He had to be very careful and hide everything from Kisumi really good and he succeeded ♡

when i’m feelin down… i draw my favs crying so i’m not alone (ง•̀o•́)ง

when rin asked makoto to help him with his dumb samezuka prank war, makoto agreed not thinking yamazaki-kun would cry as a result, so he himself ended up crying tenfold as he apologized afterwards. they’re good though, because sousuke thought of a few ways for makoto to make it up to him

Ali looks out for herself first.”- Hanna.
I’m not taking the plea.”- Ali.

And again the girls were wrong.
And again they jumped into conclusions, and are living by the past.
And i’m sou proud of Ali.
She is living a hell on that prison and is still thinking on the girls
if you still think Ali is a bad person after all this, i’m sorry, but you’re either dumb or watching a totally different show