sotw: cody

anonymous asked:

Can I please request jealousy preferences for Rex, Cody, Fives, Echo, Wolffe and Jesse? (If you haven't done them before) oh, and I luv your blog :33

Yes you may dear and thank you so much!

Rex: His jealousy shows in a very subtle way. If someone is flirting with you he’ll quietly walk up and put his arm around your shoulders/waist and give a quiet glare to the flirter. He may steam about if for just a little while after words but a kiss to reassure him he’s the only one for you will be enough to get him to forget about it.

Cody: He may be pretty confident and cool but that doesn’t mean he isn’t fazed by anything. He’s not quick to feel that twinge in his gut but if there is a reoccurring offender who has obvious intentions on stealing you away, he’ll insist on a few privet words with them.

Fives: He hates admitting it, but he’s easily affected by other people showing interest in you. He knows that being possessive of you makes you unhappy so he’ll try to hide it but it doesn’t take long before he starts getting snippy with the person who’s being way too familiar with you.

Echo: He hardly ever shows his jealousy, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel it. He’s just more of the type who lets it brew quietly in the pit of his stomach. You may start to notice when he’s feeling that way because he gets really quiet and sometimes even a little distant. Good news is that it you tell him sincerely why no one will come between you he’ll feel better~

Wolffe: His bark is worse than his bite but he barks a lot. He’ll scowl and glare at anyone who makes the wrong comments or gives you the wrong look. If you tell him it bothers you he may get real quiet or even start an argument. It may take awhile to smooth over but the makeup is always good.

Jesse: Jealousy isn’t really something that affects him, he’s pretty confident in your loyalty but every once in awhile they’re will be that one person who crosses a line. He usually just pulls them aside and gives them a little warning. If you confront him about it he’s quick to apologize and will charm his way out of any of your anger/annoyance.