Sisters of the Vale

Twin sisters Rhoda and Sanna are skilled hunters who, together, are known for their ability to wield the mystic powers of fire and water. When their kingdom’s prince goes missing, the princess to be seeks them out with a plea to find her beloved before the King declares war on the neighboring kingdom for the crime.

With only a few days to complete the task, the twins set out on an epic quest to bring the prince home. Little do they realize there is a much darker force at work behind the prince’s disappearance; one that is equally determined to ensure they don’t succeed…

With everything at stake should they fail, the race is on in this re-imagining of the classic Grimm Brothers fairy tale about two courageous sisters and their journey to restore peace to the land they call home.

Introducing my newest project, a revamped telling of the Grimm Fairy Tale: Snow White and Rose Red.