Years ago when I first got into cult beauty, one of the products I hunted down like a mad woman was this unique cleansing cream.  This is the description:

A deep pore cleansing treatment to remove impurities, soften blackheads and prevent open and enlarged pores. Wheat cocoaminoacid, a natural extract, dissolves sebum trapped in the follicles immediately resulting in a clean skin with a fresh appearance.

They had me at “soften blackheads.” I didn’t even know what that meant but it sounded disgusting and clean at the same time so I loved it. Anyway, many months and one random (now closed) store later, I had this in my hands:  


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Sothys Desquacrem is kind of a miracle product.  It goes on like a cold cream cleanser, but thicker, and you slowly foam it up on your skin and remove it with a little water.  Even though it feels like something for dry skin, it really helps deep clean no matter what your skin type.

Now that we’re in the internet era, it isn’t *that* hard to find cult classics like these, but has tons of them (and this one, of course).

Does This: Super deep pore cleanser magical cream
Is This: Sothys Paris Desquacrem Deep Pore Cleanser 
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Product c/o the brand Image Vogue Italia via TFS