Happy 38th Birthday, Amy Acker! (December 5, 1976)
~Amy Acker Birthday Project Video featuring artwork, photos, and music from fans across the globe!~

About a month ago, after a bout of insomnia, I came up with this overly-ambitious project idea. I immediately messaged shadowkira and stubbornandsolo and was like hey guys, I wanna do something crazy, and I can’t pull it off without you two…you in? And somehow these wonderful people gave me the green light on a project they barely knew anything about (frankly, I barely knew anything about it, either) …but thankfully saying “it’s for Amy Acker” is enough of a selling point for most people. :)

I want to give a BIG BIG BIG HUMONGOUS thank you to my bro and carolinedhavernas. There would literally be 0 product without these two…both committing blindly and pouring a shit ton of hours as the three of us tried to haphazardly make something out of nothing. I owe you two forever!

And to all the additional wonderful contributors– fandomfairy, karastantons, czgoldedition, ravens-psycho, samsgroves, dpillustrations, @drlisaalexander, halfabagoffritos, drhollystewart, nerakobserver, sporty-clone, ohthesefeelingz, sirdagron, mlamachine, mommyjr007, the-cancer-man, rfrzrspcp, sassyqueenofswan, rootgrove, dalvirohan80, supermatique, @sara, @sothida, speedytw, sameensgroves, viny-kun, zgonia –this was truly an international effort! Whoo hoo!!!

Also a special hat trick shout out to eliaaliceraven who submitted art, vocals, and a photo!

And so begins the mission to make sure Amy sees this! If you want to help out on the tweeting front but aren’t sure how/what to write, just ask Hala (carolinedhavernas) or me (tingggmusic)!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY ACKER and kiss kiss to you all!

December 2014