Many fall but one remains
It’s a conceptual work about the plot of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.
The Foul Murder at the hands of the Tribunal, the Nerevarine prophecies, the Empire and Azura decide of Nerevar/Nerevarine’s destiny, and although he seems to choose his own path he’s never truly free. The Nerevarine finds himself stuck between who he was (Indoril Nerevar) and who he is now. He cannot become Nerevar again, but he can’t go back to the life he had before being sent to Morrowind either. He has no choice but to play his part in something bigger he cannot understand, witnessing the death of his past friends.

Je rêve parfois de Patrick.
Il a trente ans, il ne sait pas que j’en ai le double, et je lui dis :
«Tu vas rire,les gens croient tous que tu es mort ».
Il rit et me répond : « la preuve que non ».
Et on se met à faire des blagues aux gens à peine surpris.
Quand quelqu’un laisse derrière lui des trainées de fous-rires,
de complicité intense
sur scène ou dans la vie, des éclairs de génie
et des accès de doute profond,
il ne nous quitte jamais.
—  Sotha

Sotha Sil, the Clockwork King of the Three in One. The ending of the words is ALMSIVI.

(This is another one of those that I sketched at a friend’s house, and didn’t have a reference in front of me, so some details are off. Like apparently I misremembered his cyborg-mouth-thing as looking like a rebreather. Oh well. In fairness, it’s pretty hard to tell with Morrowind’s graphics.)

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Let’s talk about my idol, Divayth Fyr for a second. Assuming that all or most of the Telvanni big guys use necromancy to extend their lives, and Mr. Fyr is an exceptional magician, it makes sense that he would be old as balls.

But like, he’s REALLY old as balls, and maybe not even dead (more on that in a second). So is he just the most baller ass wizard Nirn has ever seen? And yes I’m including Sotha Sil in that, before you say anything. The most common alternative I’ve seen is that he gave himself corprus and then cured it, essentially making him immune to dying of old age, like the Nerevarine.

I mean, if the worst part of corprus is the loss of your self control and mind, apart from the whole… blobby zombie thing, and if D. Fyr cures himself before he loses his shit, he can avoid necromancy all together. I guess.

I can’t decide which one I like more. Either way he’s buff as crap, just different avenues.

Okay, side not about not being dead: Neloth is the top Telvanni dog as far as we’re told in Skyrim, and what definitely helps his case is that most of the other ones are uh, dead. Between the Red Year and the Argonians invading, they’re pretty much a fucked house honestly.

So okay, Neloth is thug, but why would he say that if Divayth Fyr were still alive?

Well first of all let’s consider that in some playthroughs of Morrowind, Neloth dies. Not like, wanton murder, but like you are given a quest and he dies as a result of that. You COULD consider that quest non-canon if you choose to, but that’s lame. Instead, and especially since Neloth looks a lot younger than he did in Morrowind, why can’t he just be like Voldemort and necromancy himself a more excellent body? Why not? He’s a fucking magician. Discuss this with me.

But anyway, Fyr not being dead, right. This dude can freely walk between his house and Oblivion, he is just that thug. So like, when Red Mountain exploded on everyone’s face and chest, he could have just gone to Oblivion with his booty clones and Blobby McSpiderlegs.

And don’t you even tell me “Yeah but he could have lost his Oblivion door during the Oblivion crisis, bub”, because that dude had five whole years between that and the lava pit to figure out how to find a new one. I seriously doubt he did not devote some time to that.

So anyway, dude STILL has a way into Oblivion. Doesn’t mean he has to come back, right? I mean, if he booped himself into a realm he really liked, there’s really no point in going back to the ruins of Tel Fyr if he can just learn shit in peace.

And what Daedric prince would be pissed at him? Like the closest maybe Azura, for being pals with Sotha Sil, but their exchanged letters seem like just that: friends, at least professionally. I don’t think the guy was much of an ALMSIVI worshiper or anything. So really he could go… anywhere.

And not be dead, while still leaving Neloth to be the thuggest Telvanni left.

Anyway, discuss this with me, and so help me if you go “ugh we discussed this three years ago” I will come to your house and release mice into your living room.

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i bet half of those fuckin. tubey cable things Sotha Sil’s hooked up to are just IVs for the caffeine required to pull all-millenia-ers bc CAN’T SLEEP, IMPERFECT WILL EAT ME

Description: #scfi #scythe #scythesoftheemperor #sotha #warhammer #warhammer #warhammer40k #warhammer40000 #warhammerfantasy #wh40k #forgeworld #citadel #gamesworkshop #models #model #hobby #yellow #black #painting #paintinginprogress #ultramarine #tyranids as you can see this model isn’t finished but it’s where I’ve got to as I’m just about to head to church which is #beefsgym as its my favourite day today #legday #ive just re worked the harsh highlighting on the mouth grill, elbow pad and knuckle pad. Get some more done tomorrow morning
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anonymous asked:

what do you think occured during the battle of red mountain (with the dwemer and dagoth and nerevar)

three forces converged: the dwemer, dagoth + the nords, nerevars army.

the main battle was headed by a force lead by almalexia and sotha sil, clashing with wulfharth’s army and that of the dwemer. this was where the majority of the fighting took place.

this provided an ample distraction. almalexia wore nerevars armour and most expected it was him that was leading the army. while they fought, nerevar and alandro sul snuck into the heart chamber of red mountain. voryn dagoth had shown them the way in and nerevar trusted him.

there they met dumac and kagrenac. nerevar and dumac argued and came to blows. wulfharth fought his way into the chamber and was repelled by alandro sul, though sul was blinded in the battle. dumac fell to nerevars blade. kagrenac panicked and attempted the ritual– it failed and all the dwemer disappeared.

voryn pleaded with nerevar to get rid of the tools. nerevar balked and claimed that he needed to consult with his counsellors. he left voryn in charge of the heart and found his army celebrating. sotha sil had told the frightened chimer that azura had caused the sudden disappearance of their foes. nerevar took aside his tribunal and they insisted that he keep the tools. he conceded.

he returned to the chamber with vivec, who was guiding sul, and found that voryn had changed. the two argued and then fought. after a difficult battle voryn was slain, but not before nerevar had been fatally wounded by him in turn. vivec carried nerevar out of the mountain and to his tribunal. they tried to get him to a healer but he refused them, demanding that they immediately prepare a ritual to azura. he insisted he wouldn’t be healed until they swore never to use the tools. he made them don their robes, light the candles, speak the words, they made their oath. then he died.

the almsivi didn’t murder nerevar. but sul, blinded and heartbroken, found someone to blame in that frantic ritual, and so originated his tale.