Barrio Sotel Gang, 1976.

Nearly defunct today, Sotel 13 is a West LA gang that dates back to the late 30’s. Starting out as La Garra, and then Thee Falcons car club, they eventually adopted the name “Sotel” based on Sawtelle blvd. Despite being smaller than the other established west side gangs like Venice and Culver City, Sotel had developed a fierce reputation over the years, but like the other west side gangs, their biggest enemy turned out to be gentrification. There are few active members left today.



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düşen askılardan ve jilet kesiği atan askılardan ve kar yağarken bugün, bulunmayan şaldan omzum küsüyor. mesela sen kargaların uzun yaşadığını biliyorsun belgeseller izleyip, bense konduğu çatının altına ölüm ektiğini. bunun gibi şeyler yani. neler bilemiyorum. içimden dua ediyorum. ıslık çalıyorum içimden. küfür ediyorum tükürür gibi. kızmıyorum o kadar çok. annemi daha bi seviyorum. korkmaya korkmuyorum ama kabusa yatmayı anlamıyorum. sense hiçbir naneyi, toplumun diğer andavalları gibi. ayak bileklerim acıyor. mantar soteler gibi kitap okuyorum. felsefece anlıyorum ama anlatamıyorum. evet. anlatmıyorum. çünkü iki gözün bir pas kalbin varken kulağına yormuyorum ağzımı. cam kırıldıysa, kırıktır. kırıldı demeye tenezzül etmiyorum. ben hiç koşamıyorum bu bağcıklarla. neyse, bak sana bi sır vereceğim. sessiz ol ama. yaklaş.
“kargalar çatımda.”

  • Me: *asks a question*
  • Tarot: No... no... not that. Let's not do that.
  • Me: Okay, so say we did the thing, how would-
  • Tarot: No, no this is a bad idea. Don't do it. Wasteland, terror, all the bad things!
  • Me: Okay yeah, sotell me, if I DID do the thing, the way I would do it if I had to do it would be....
  • Tarot: Literally anything but that. We're just gonna not do that if we are smart, right?
  • Me: Hmmmm... I don't think I shuffled the deck enough. Let me draw again.
  • Me: HEY TAROT. Should I do the thing?
  • Tarot, tired of my shit: TOWER.

Spoilers maybe?

(readmores suck and disappear when you reblog it so)

Guys what if the mayor’s Dark and the colonel’s Wilford. If, and only if, the mayor does turn out to be Dark then the colonel just gave us his name. When we go into the room where he and the Mayor were arguing he says “Damien” as if he thought we were the mayor.(could also be a cover name, but “Mayor” could also be a cover name so)

This is all just a what if and I’m just having some funsies so

Tell me Wilford wouldn’t dress up like that for the hell of it. Imagine Dark just-completely exasperated, “I told you to dress formally.” “This is formal!”

The colonel’s story of “what probably happened to Mark” is hella biased and the boi’s v salty, obviously. Wilford’s the “oldest” ego, practically a part of Mark’s brand. He could very well be salty over that.

The Mayor says he has known Mark since they were children. And if my “what if” turns out to be true then-Y'all remember Mark’s story he told us, about that time he got up in the night as a kid and drew some creepy shiz? Ye.

also I’m v confident that if Dark was required to disguise himself he’d choose something dignified.

Hell maybe the Mayor and the colonel were arguing about the colonel’s behavior towards Mark’s death. How if the two were actually Dark and Wilford and this was orchestrated then Wilford’s acting wouldn’t be considered up to par and Dark would be concerned he’d be the reason they were found out.

Also how did the Jim twins k n o w to show up?

Sure maybe they heard about the party and wanted a good shot, but that’s a lil fishy =3=

Maybe not a good theory and if it falls then it works as a good au, lol

Edited cuz I swore it was spelled “kernel”??

sleepover friday

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