Song of the Day #35 - Noah by Amber Run

Amber Run are a band I heard of a couple years back, and liked well enough, but haven’t really kept up with since then. While surfing Youtube, they came up in the recommended videos, and so, hey, here we go!

This is one of their early songs from when I first heard of them. (There is a 2015 version, but the video has audio that cuts over the song, which I kinda dislike, so that’s why I’m posting the older video.) It’s a great ballad, with a great singalong chorus (like… fine, it’s not anthemic or upbeat, but it’s still good to hum along to.) It’s a pleasant track, somewhat bitter, but soothing too.


Song of the Day #38 - The Love Within by Bloc Party

I’m pretty tired, so I’m gonna keep this short. This is a pretty interesting track; I’m not sure it’s really one of my favourites in any capacity, but it’s nice to listen to, and kinda weird, which I like. I was just looking up Bloc Party as someone I’d vaguely heard of a long time in the past because their name popped up related to something else.

I guess they do this kind of stuff now. Huh.


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an insult i wore as a badge of pride; a solavellan playlist

“what is the old dalish curse?” he asked, a new tone of sadness to his voice that she couldn’t quite place, “‘may the dread wolf take you’?”
she shook her head, biting back with a bitter, “and so he did.”

1. the sword & the pen - regina spektor 2. last man on earth - the mountain goats 3. wolf & i - oh land 4. i walk the line - halsey 5. not with haste - mumford & sons 6. the wolves (act ii and ii) - bon iver 7. grendel’s mother - the mountain goats 8. dark paradise - lana del rey 9. wolf - first aid kit 10. swans and the swimming - iron and wine

[listen here]


Song of the Day: Etta James - At Last