what stays and what fades (cassian/jyn, teen, wip)

Cassian and Jyn both survive Scarif. Each thinks the other is dead. WIP. // @ AO3

There is wind and there is pain. There is the stolen fighter vessel, and the laser fire overhead, and Cassian bleeding into unconsciousness in her arms.

There is a choice. There is one choice.

“Take him,” she yells over the roar of starfighter engines. Cassian’s body drags against durasteel; her bad leg cramps with effort.

Baze untangles himself from a set of twisted limbs to help. He cannot move his legs, and she can hardly walk, but the distance is small. They heave and shove and lift until Cassian thumps into place.

There is no room for her. There is barely room for him. She tugs her mother’s kyber crystal from around her neck and tucks into into his hand.

“Go,” she tells the pilot, who she does not know. She would trust each person on board with her life. She cannot trust them with their own, so she locks her gaze to the pilot as a last resort. “Go!”

He is a Rebel. He knows Captain Andor; he does not know Jyn Erso, and for him, there is no choice. He nods. The vessel’s doors slam shut.

She watches from Citadel Tower as the vessel leaves Scarif, the pilot’s contact codes and frequency burned into memory. Her heart lurches as it drops, engine sputtering; her fingers dig into her palms even as it rises again. She does not breath until it clears the planet.

In the end, her sacrifice means nothing. She loses them anyway.

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