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[Translation] TV Person 09/03/2017 Kamiki Ryunosuke Interview Cut about Yamada Ryosuke

This interview was from one of Kamiki’s magazine appearance for his Sangatsu no Lion movie promotion. I only translated the parts where he spoke about Yamada though. I’ve always loved their friendship and I’m really happy that Kamiki talked about Yamada quiet a lot in here (almost half an entire magazine page), you know, when he’s supposed to be promoting for Sangatsu no Lion. This interview cut also gives us another different view about their friendship! Kamiki also mentioned Nakamura Hayato, Fukushi Sota, Takei Emi, Chinen Yuri, and Yabu Kota in this cut! Enjoy this interview!

P.S: As usual, please do not publish or re-post without permission.

“Ah, that’s right, Yamada-kun is also working hard.”

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Sota Twitter Updates

Sota: Yesterday at the end of the lesson I was talking to Toru-kun in the car about moving onto the next scene in the play,
and recently “Chiruran” also came out in my dream. wahaha
And, for some reason I was hugging Taiki -kun on the work site after practicing yesterday. wahaha
I do not know why, but I was relieved. wahaha
Isn’t this kind of group love forbidden?! LOL

Oh, the hugging part was not a dream! wahaha
That was reality!
Today’s dream was about “Chiruran”!

Taiki: It was because we looked like each other wearing the same parkas.

Sota: Hahaha! I was wearing that! wahaha


Usually Taiki-kun is a very kid person.

Fan: Sota kun, this was the most interesting of your dream stories www Do you remember? 😂 (lol) It was almost a whole six years ago!!

“Good morning. In today’s dream, I was eating ise shrimp with a dog and a white bear for some reason”

Sota: What’s this?! I don’t remember it at all! wahaha

FS Life Vol. 1: Boys’ Talk

Yamamoto Sota & Uno Shoma’s “Boys’ Talk” interview in the Figure Skate Life magazine. It was conducted during the Junior Grand Prix Final back in December 2014.

――How would the two of you describe your personalities?
Sota: Someone who unexpectedly hates to lose. I say “unexpectedly” because although deep inside I really hate to lose, I don’t really verbally express it or show it on my face. Well, I guess everyone hates to lose.
Shoma: I also hate to lose. At first glance, I appear quiet and well-behaved, but I’m actually really mischievous. I’m a sadist.

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Misc “Chiruran” Updates

Souji: The stage play “Churaran Shinsengumi Requiem”
will have the first day of performances tomorrow!

“High-touch group” by part of the cast will be held after the first day performance 🙌

Since I tried to create a high-touch meeting commentary video with Sota and Takashi, please have a look before visiting! Tomorrow, the show begins at 7:00!! I hope you come!


Hayate: Chiruan Shinsengumi Requiem
Today is the opening!!!
Toru-kun and Sota-kun, faito!


Sota: Finally it begins today.
It’s spreading through my whole body
We will deliver the best work to everyone.
I am really pleased that you will spend some precious hours of your time with us
I will try my best to make that the best time.
I will make it a stage I will not regret for even a second.
We are waiting for you at the theater.


Yudai blog update:

Good evening!!
It’s Yudai Ohno!!

Thank you for your many comments and daily routine reporting!!! ^ ^

Cherry blossoms have also bloomed beautifully, and I’m sure there will be many hanami that will be held today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow! 💦

Meanwhile, I celebrated my birthday again with hometown friends at a surprise party the day before yesterday!!

Four friends took pictures,

I had a face cake again.
I had a very happy time. .

This year I’ve had the best celebrations of my life so far ,,

Accordingly, I will try my hardest to be the best 28 year old! ^ ^


Tonikaku HEY ’s MV has finished! \ (// ∇ //) \

Then, without becoming anxious and worried and concerned,
I think I will go to bed!!

And Tora-kun and Sota who began their stage play from today, I hope they will be able to run through without injury until the end!!! ^ ^

Good night

Let’s make tomorrow a happy day for everyone!

tanaka keiji x hino ryuju: jgpf 2012

From Cutting Edge 2013+Plus. This interview took place after the finals in Sochi at the end of 2012. Yuzuru was originally supposed to be part of this. All three of them made it to the finals in Quebec in 2011, and it was promised that if the three of them made it to the finals in Sochi, they would sit down for a talk. Yuzuru got sick after the GPF though. So that’s the context for this to keep in mind. Things can be dated. And Keiji and Ryuju are supes depressing as fuck.

- - - - - - - - - -

——Once again, the three of you all made it to the Final. It’s a shame all of three are unable to do this together. The three of you really all made it to the venue where the Olympics will be held……  How was this particular road to Sochi?
Keiji: My road here was terrible. So many people told me how lucky I was. Geez, without it, I wouldn’t have made it. [In his first event of the circuit, he came in second, and in the second one he came in fourth. The points from those finishes just barely made it through. In the final event, Uno Shoma-senshu crept up with a second place finish. This helped put Keiji-senshu above Russia’s Alexander Samarin to secure his berth.] You can’t make it to such an important competition with just luck. Next season, I want to advance to the final through my two grand prix events on my own strength.
Ryuju: I also made it because of a fluke. My placement was a fluke, too. [He placed third and earned his first JGPF medal.] I really can’t believe it happened.

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Bittersweet ★ Email

Bittersweet ★ Email (sent in mail from J-web)

Ohno: Our new single “Bittersweet” goes on sale today!
ARASHI has come together here to discuss the songs and their appeal!

Matsumoto: The title song gradually gets to you. The first time I heard it, I remember thinking, “What is this!?” I was so surprised.
Sakurai: Bwahaha! You did say that. (LOL)
Aiba: That’s right, you did!
Matsumoto: At first the orchestration is kinda light…
Ninomiya: I had no idea which was the verse and which was the bridge. (LOL)
Matsumoto: It’s the sort of song we’ve never done before. I wondered how it would turn out when we sang it… But the final product was a really good song!
Ohno: Yeah. It’s in line with the drama series.
Matsumoto: You watched the show!?
Ohno: I watched it!
Matsumoto: Well, thank you!

Sakurai: The song has a glittering feel to it, you know? Like it should be listened to on a ski slope… Actually, it’s not that I want someone else to listen to it while skiing, I’m the one wants to do it. (LOL)
Ninomiya: Last year… It wasn’t on purpose, but we released a string of rather heavy songs. Now that we’ve got this new single, it felt like 2014 started with a bang!
Aiba: It’s the kind of song that sticks in your head after you listen to it once. It’s constantly playing. Which means…
Ninomiya: It’s a good song!
Aiba: No doubt about it!

Sakurai: There aren’t many singles where we each sing one after the other, right!?
Matsumoto: Nope. “Sakura Sake” is probably the only one.
Ninomiya: Yeah, not many. How unusual!
Matsumoto: And what’s more, Ohno-san gave up his New Year’s vacation to do the choreography for us.
Ohno: I was in the studio at the start of the year.
Matsumoto: Yeah, but you were just lolling around, not dancing, right?
Ohno: I got it done… while lolling around. Before I knew it, even. (LOL) I taught everyone else the moves… by feel. You guys did great! (LOL)
Sakurai: It’s gotta be because the basics are the same. We’ve been doing this together since middle school, you know. We can memorize it right away. (LOL) That rhythm that goes through our bodies.
Ninomiya: Everyone did learn it fast.
Matsumoto: You acted like a real choreographer this time, Ohno-san. He’d say, “Ok, try it out,” while he watched us dance in front of him. “I’ll come in afterwards,” he’d say.
Aiba: Man… (LOL)
Sakurai: “Run through that step for me once.” He said that kind of thing.
Ohno: Heh heh heh. (LOL)

Sakurai: The accompanying track, “Road to Glory,” is the theme song for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics on Nippon Television networks. After the games are over, it’s nice that we can lend a bit of color to the highlights.
We’ve done Olympic songs since Athens, right!? Athens, Beijing, Vancouver, London… This is the fifth time already!
Ninomiya: That’s amazing!
Aiba: So basically every time!?
Ohno: Wow.
Sakurai: It really hits home when you hear the tune at the athletes’ moment of triumph!

Matsumoto: Speaking of extra tracks, Aiba-san has really liked “Sync” since before the recording.
Aiba: Yeah! It’s cool, but in a way we haven’t done before! The melody is cool, too! It’s a favorite of mine! “Motto, Ima yori” is a bright song, too.
Ninomiya: Yeah. It’s a good song~
Sakurai: It feels like the coming of spring!
Matsumoto: Like creation, or something.
Ninomiya: There’s a good balance of songs, you know, on the whole single.

Matsumoto: Our new single “Bittersweet” is the theme song for the TV drama “Shitsuren Chocolatier.” It often plays over the end credits. The way everyone sings one after another… really gives me the feeling that I’m being supported!

Aiba & Ohno: Whoa!!
Sakurai: That’s a nice touch!
Ninomiya: Good one!
Matsumoto: Honestly… I feel like Sota-kun is being watched over by my brothers here! Though that might just be because I’m the one playing Sota. (LOL) So anyway, enjoy “Bittersweet” and the drama series together!
ARASHI: That’s all from ARASHI!