What's REALLY happening in Venezuela

*Updated in January 2017*

Although this post may barely get any notes, I want to take the opportunity to spread this information around because in like any other communist country, it is not shown in national media.

Venezuela is known as a rich country in oil and many other natural resources, however, the communist and *now* totalitarian government daily steals nearly all the profits from this indispensable business, the main source of wealth in Venezuela. Also, the current president Maduro and his administration close down any business or industry refusing to surrender their money if they don’t turn over to the government. Those who work for the government and/or are associated with it have all access to basic foods and items that are needed on a daily basis. However, those not associated with the government (now almost 80% of the population as of 2017) are stuck with having to wait day-long lines to find extremely basic foods.

The government does not nearly import half of the food needed to feed the nation. Food is not the only thing that is already scarce, and becoming even scarcer, but general hygiene items have almost disappeared completely. Even if you belong to an upper class family, you may have the money needed, but you won’t be in luck anyhow because the things you want to buy are not available to the majority of people. Only rich families and individuals (almost always connected with the government) have access to the things everybody else needs. You may ask yourself: how do people live in Venezuela? Those lucky enough with families outside the country send them what they need when possible. Now, people are simply fleeing the country while they can and dispersing themselves throughout the world. Venezuela, a great country where it once welcomed immigrants from infinite nationalities who found refuge in it, is now seeing the opposite effect where its inhabitants are doing everything they can to flee.

Venezuelan families struggle day to day looking for food in trash bags, and some of the poorest are even forced to give their children away to strangers so they have better lives outside the country.

The only thing I’m asking is for people all around the world to spread this awareness for Venezuela and that although we used to be known as a “rich country”, I hate to say we are now one of the most miserable nations in South America. The tyrant government prohibits any spread of this kind of information whatsoever, allowing for more pressure to grow amongst Venezuelan people. It is now 2017, and the economic depression thanks to the government has grown only worse and will keep worsening thanks to their communist regime that steals everybody from their basic rights.

Please let this information pass on and do NOT let it die. Like Venezuela, there are numerous countries in the world that already lived through communism- therefore we know that nations are destroyed this in way.


Lately I have seen a lot of posts regarding protests going on around the world, and I’ve noticed very few mention Venezuela. PLEASE. I BEG OF YOU. DO NOT FORGET VENEZUELA. From March to May, 42 PEOPLE WERE KILLED AND MORE THAN 800 WERE INJURED WHILE PROTESTING. My half brother lives in Caracas and he tells me he and his mother wait more than 5 hours in a line TO GET TOILET PAPER AND CHICKEN. Most times they run out and fights begin. SO I AM BEGGING YOU: DO NOT FORGET VENEZUELA. DO NOT FORGET THEIR PROTESTING. DO NOT FORGET THEIR SUFFERING. POR FAVOR, ¡NO SE OLVIDEN DEL PAIS QUE ME VIO NACER!

Sólo quiero desahogarme por acá con algo para cualquier persona que lea para reflexionar un segundo. 

Situación actual de Venezuela. 

Mi pensamiento de esta semana acerca de lo que estamos pasando fue: que ya no nos preocupamos por los que amamos de la misma forma que antes, ya no le preguntamos a esas personas que amamos un “Qué tal te fue en tu día?” “Qué hiciste hoy?”. Ahora la prioridad es preguntar “Comiste bien hoy?” 

Sí gente, así estamos en este país. 

Parafrasearé algunas cosas que mis conocidos me han dicho que me han dolido, allá el que entienda:

“Me dijeron que me levantara más tarde para almorzar de una vez”

“Estoy comiendo mal, estoy más flaco de lo normal”

“Me di cuenta que me quería ir cuando le tuve que dar a mis hijos arroz con queso para comer” 

“No comía desde el desayuno de ayer” 

“Conseguí pan pero no tengo qué echarle”

“No sé cómo explicarle a mi bebé que no tengo para hacerle su tetero”

“Hay para comprar pan, pero no hay para comprar qué echarle”

“A pan y agua”

“Mi mamá me dijo con lágrimas en los ojos “vendrán tiempos mejores hijos” “

“Tantos papás que están dejando de comer para darle comida a sus hijos”

Lamento profundamente mi situación y cualquier país que se encuentre en las mismas circunstancias.

How it is possible that a government can fucked up an entire country in just three fucking years? Tell me how? For those of you that don’t know, because international media seems not to give a shit, Venezuela is right now going through a very tough time, economy is on the ground, an average person makes around 10$/13$ a month, there’s no food to buy and if you find it it’s extremely expensive, people being killed every single day because of insecurity, right now our main source of electricity the hydropower plant El Guri is pretty much empty so there are blackouts everyday and I can go on and on about everything wrong that is going on right now in Venezuela yet no one seem to care and the government stole all the money that came from the importations of petrol/gas so we’re pretty much dying here and I need a fucking break


This is horrible. I’m not Venezuelan. I don’t live there. But this video, this terrifying video isn’t a fake, as much I as wish it was. This is true, and it’s happening. People, students, are giving their lives for their freedom and they are being killed. I can’t even put it into words how angry I feel. How enraged I am that this is happening. I don’t understand how anyone would hurt and control people like this and can’t stand it