Other places need recognition too, Please signal boost!!

Ok so as a Venezuelan myself (even though I don’t live there anymore) I am all for #sosvenezuela and #prayforvenezuela and such but in my honest opinion, it seems rather selfish for everyone to seek help and educate others in the issues in Venezuela, whilst completely ignoring even larger problems in other places of the world (Ukraine and Syria for instance), where people don’t have that much of a voice there. I think that we should all as good human beings spread the word and promote justice for every country that is suffering. So instead of everyone spreading #oscarsforvenezuela, why not #oscarsfortheworld? Or #sosukraine or #sossyria or #peaceforall? I would love to see a world without suffering and problems, and indeed the problems in Venezuela are truly very, very bad and it affects me deep in my family, although all I can think of right now are other people in other countries like me whose problems also affect them but don’t have the resources for people to listen. Everyone, lets all get together and promote a better world, one where there is no oppression ANYWHERE and every country can have an equal voice, doesn’t matter if you are from there or not. We CAN help with some simple words and typing. Please signal boost this for the world to see :) and hope all of you have a great day. Thanks for reading!