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Oh happy day!!!! There are few things I like better than bling, and I was happy as a lark in Orro, surrounded by so many sparkling diamond simulants!!! It is my natural habitat I swear!!


Madly excited because I’m getting a GORGEOUS ring custom made by Orro (to be collected in 3 weeks), and on top of that they gave me this set of heart diamond simulant necklace and earrings!!

So so so sparkly, can’t even tell them apart from the real thing, and yet so affordable! Best V day gift!!! Earrings at $335 - 1 carat diamonds on each ear, platinum vermeil (silver w platinum plating).

Necklace at $425 (I got a 4 carat, also avail in 1 and 3 carat, $299 and $388 respectively).

These are intricately crafted, and won’t tarnish. I’m in love. 😍 Custom made designs are also available!!

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So many progress shots ahhh with added Elsa painting in the background ;) (still need to finish that painting)
Any who tonight I have managed to even out the edges to the bodice and get a little further with my chunkier rectangle bits :) I used the flash on my phone camera to see just how sparkly I’ve managed to get my dress and wow I think I may blind people with the shhhpppppparkle :P
I have also taken the gemstones from around the bottom of the bodice (which originally took me ages to sew on) however I decided it was lacking the screen accurate from bodice to dress transition soooo I’ve tried to make it look like an all in one bodice to dress/ice dress thing….am I making sense?! Sorry busy day and my fasting has caused me to be a little loopy tonight :P
Anywayyyy I’m heading to hobby craft tomorrow to buy more glittery things so I can work on making the cape authentic XD (trickyyyyy) but for now I’m going to bed :)
Night world
Pond out
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Perfect set up Aladdin and diamonds 😍 @toc_dj
It just wouldn’t be competition season without a bling session & for worlds we’re going hard 💎💫 #4days #sosparkly

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A big congratulations to my friends Leslie and Chris! This afternoon, I got to steal a few minutes with the bride-to-be so I could hear the proposal story and stare at that sparkler. Talk about gorgeous! You did good @funtaine! Ok time to make a wedding hashtag and plan a wedding // #camplove #engaged #engagement #weddingplanning #coffee #sosparkly

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