We visited this years A MAZE Indie Connect Festival and talked to some of our favorite game makers about what “good gamedesign” actually is.

For this video we talked to Adriaan De Jongh, Mikolaj Kaminski, Ed Key, Jan Willem Nijman, Nicklas Nygren and Daniel Rosenfeld.

Dutch film maker Bram Ruiter helped us out with a second camera.
David Kanaga pitched in for the music.


!Episode 3 IS HERE!
Watch Mr.SOS & Mr.One 
a MultiPlayerMeltDown

in 48HRS…

Apparently Daniel and myself are gonna preview the first episode of Super Game Jam at A Maze., a festival in Berlin that’ll take place between April 9th and 11th. We’ll both be joined by stars Jan Willem Nijman (of Vlambeer) and Richard Boeser (of Sparpweed), other lovely persons from upcoming episodes (Dominik, Liselore, Christoffer & Sos) and our assistant Kim Idsinga. We’ll be there for the entire festival, so come say hi or tell us how beautiful we are.

Here’s that cool trailer for the cool thing we’re gonna show, by the way.

The premiere will take place on April 11th at 15:40 and has a cute Q&A afterwards.

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