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Summary: Who knew your little addiction to coffee could help you meet the person who could be the one?

Genre: Fluff


   You walk into the cafe and sit down in your usual spot before you get your drink. You take out your phone and start texting your friend who’s supposed to meet you there.

You: I’m here, when are you coming

Y/BF/N: I’m sosoosososoo sorry. I can’t come. My boyfriend just came back from college and we need to hang out

You groan and don’t even think about replying back to her. You get up, and walk to the cash register and order your usual drink. You step back and wait for them to make your coffee.

You decided to check your phone again, even though you know that there isn’t any notifications that you need to look at.

“Y/D/N (your drinks name)!” The barista yelled.

You don’t look up from your phone and reach out to grab your drink, but instead of feeling the smooth, hot cup full of coffee, you feel a hand. You slowly look up from your phone to the person who this hand belongs to. Your eyes make their way up to a gorgeous boy who’s glaring down at you.

“Hey, this is mine.” He says

Usually, you would be scared out of your mind and take your hand off right away. But today, you haven’t drank any coffee AND you just got bailed on your best friend. Let’s just say, you weren’t in the mood of being polite.

“Excuse me, I’m pretty sure this is my coffee, so I’m going to have to ask you to move your hand.” You yank the coffee in your direction, making sure none of it spills.

He scoffs, “You’re kidding me right. I watched them make this. I saw it with my own two eyes. This is my coffee.”

“Did you watch me order before you? Isn’t it common sense that they make coffee first for the person who orders first?” You actually wasn’t sure if you ordered before him but you weren’t exactly sure what to say.

He yanked the coffee out of your hands, making it spill all over you.

“What. The. Fuck.” You say, looking down at your clothes and in shock.

The boy gasps, and puts his hand over his mouth, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” He frantically grabs napkins around him and tries to dab the coffee out of your shirt, but all he was doing was making it worse.

You two both notice that the stain was getting worse and worse by each touch the boy was making. He stops and just stares at the stain. A smile begins to grow on his face and then he burst out laughing. 

You at first get mad at him for laughing, but his laugh was so contagious that you had to join. 

“I’m sorry, I-I I think I made it worse.” He says, laughing in between.

“Oh, you think? I’m pretty sure you did.” You laugh right back.

“Hey, I have a sweatshirt in my bag. You can change into it if you want.” He says, smiling at you.

“No, I’d rather just stay here, soaking wet, smelling like coffee, and my skin becoming sticking.”


“No, give me the fucking sweatshirt you idiot.” You say, laughing.

He smiles and grabs the sweatshirt and gives it to you. You take it and head to the bathroom.

When you walked out, you see the boy sitting at a table for two with the two new cups of coffee. You laugh and head over to him.

“Well I think we got off to a bad start. I’m Jimin.” He says, pushing a cup of coffee to you.

“I’m Y/N.” You gladly take the cup and sip some coffee.

“Gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl.” Jimin says, smiling.

“I swear I will spill this coffee on you and make you have to wear one of my sweatshirts if you use another cheesy line.” You say, laughing.

He laughs along with you and says, “Hey, if it weren’t for me, you’d still be in that coffee stained shirt.”

“Hey, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t HAVE a coffee stained shirt.”

“Is this your first thank you, because I don’t think this is how it works.”

“Fine. Thank you for spilling coffee on me and letting me use your sweatshirt so I wouldn’t have to wear the shirt that you ruined.”

He smirks, “Well aren’t you delightful.”

“Yeah, I get that a lot. Just wait a moment, after my 3rd cup of coffee I’ll be all sunshine and rainbows.” 

“Do you put alcohol in these cups of coffee?” Jimin laughs.

 “No but I’ll squish you up and put YOU in my coffee.” You smile widely.

“Okkk how many cups of coffee are we at now?”

“One kiddo. Two more to go.” You sip the coffee and wink at him.

You two talk and talk and end up spending the whole day with each other.

“Wow, it’s nearly 10 PM.” You say, checking your phone.

“Geez really? That went by quick. I’m going to have to head off, I have to wake up pretty early tomorrow.” Jimin stands up and passes a napkin towards you, “I’m going to want to get that sweatshirt back so I’m expecting a call Y/N.” He smirks at you and walks out the door.