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I know I’ve been raving about Danielle Brooks and Uzo Aduba (and will continue to do so) but, y'all, Kimiko Glenn!! Those quick and merciless shifts from hysterical to catatonic to silent boiling hate and anger were also impressive. Her last scene being dragged out while staring at the books? I’m still recovering. She’s an actress who needs no lines to hurt you.

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The Signs as ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Inmates (pt.11 of 12)

Aquarius - Brook Soso
“This is the lonliest place I’ve ever been, an I lived alone in a tree for eight months.”

Brook Soso is a passionate and principled woman. Whenever she feels disrespected or mistreated, she doesn’t hesitate to speak up or defend herself. She tries to help minorities and other people as well but sometimes she can’t find the right way to do so and it may appear that she speaks more than she actually acts. Brook is very talkative and a lot of inmates are irritated or even annoyed by her never-ending stream of words. Her requests to protest are not appreciated by the women in prison because they don’t want trouble or big waves. But the more she feels rejected by the other inmates, the more she isolates herself. She is depressed and feels lonely. Her hurt and grieving soul is mended by Poussey Washington who recognizes her as the unique, beautiful woman she actually is and develops a deep emotional bond with her.


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[Woody, RealPuki Soso] Voilà une photo un peu plus travaillée de mon petit bout de chou ♥ Je me suis vraiment amusée à le mettre en scène et j'étais super heureuse d'avoir trouvé des petits jouets à sa taille dans un vieux carton chez moi <3 J'espère que la photo vous plaît 😊