Love this record! The smooth jam you listen to in the early morning.


Moving Takahashi

The thing is, Boyd Holbrook is just toooo good looking. The facial hair, those eyes, his hair, his face, his hair, and normally I don’t even really like blonde boys. But Boyd is just too beautiful. Plus I like his acting of course. 

This could be a entire movie, you could just imagine the rest of the love story… 


Pete & Sheila Escovedo - Fantasy Junction - 1976 from JazzFunk Did on Vimeo.

Fantasy ‎– F-9524.
Pete & Sheila Escovedo ‎– Solo Two.
Bass – Abraham Laboriel.
Clarinet – Alvin Batiste.
Congas – Sheila Escovedo.
Electric Piano – Mark Soskin.
Flute – Roger Glenn.
Guitar – Ray Obiedo.
Synthesizer – Mark Soskin.
Timbales – Pete Escovedo.
Trombone – Al Bent.
Bass Trombone – Julian Priester.
Trumpet – Tom Harrell.
Vibraphone – Roger Glenn.

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The Adventures of Jared Mell from Desillusion Magazine on Vimeo.

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Not many people embody the true spirit of California the way Jared Mell does. With an outlook on life so laid back it’s practically horizontal and a carefree approach to surfing which oozes class and style, Jared has forged his own way of life.
Director Josh Penn Soskin brings us a beautifully crafted insight into Jared’s world, a world without rules and without destinations. A world with an open road.

This short film is based on the article “The Adventures of Jared Mell” published in Desillusion Magazine 49 , Volume 1.
Available here:

Supported by Vans

Directed by Josh Penn Soskin
1st AC: Andrew Thompson
Mixing & Mastering: Mico Pulice
Colourist: Gregory Reese
Hand Drawn Tiles: Jeremy Asher Lynch
Additional Camera: Grace Jackson, Rob Hauer, Ryan Donahue, Andrew Thompson
Special Thanks: Andrew Thompson, Russel Brownley, The Farrs, Todd Macmillan, The Mill, California


‘From Nowhere’
by Dan Croll

'Fever to the Form’
by Nick Mulvey