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tiffaeny  asked:

Mutuals send me “♧“ and I’ll do this! 

You’re my: cantonese buddy, tiffany to my taeyeon, sakura to my naruto 
How I met you: on tumblr. i think we followed each other and just started sending each other asks. it kinda hit off from there
Why I follow you: YOU’RE THE BEST TIFFANY STAN !! you’re hella nice & funny. your blog is also A++ and i love all your gifs & edits
Your blog is: super pretty with high quality posts and soshi content
Your URL is: it’s cute !! i love how it’s short and sweet ?? idk that’s what i think of when i see ur url
Your icon is: pretty & pink. you can never go wrong with tiffany
A random fact I know about you: your cantonese is “awkward”
General opinion: you’re one of my closest tumblr friends.. you got my instagram, heard my voice, and even got my snapchat. we’re friends 5ever now /eye emoji.
A random thought I have: i still cant get over the fact that you said kakashi’s name as “car car she” i honestly wanted to block you right then and there


7 years and counting.. still as strong as ever.

Happy Anniversary 소녀시대!

  • tiffany posts a colorist caption on instagram:
  • sones: oh its korean culture!! the emojis were describing the color of their hair!! she isnt colorist!!
  • tiffany posts the rising flag sun on korean independence day:
  • sones: its american culture! tiffany doesnt know any better! its just a snapchat geofilter!! she knows nothing!!