soshi pairing

You know, after putting some thought on the TaengSic situation. Why are we always “blaming” Taeyeon for not giving some attention to Jessica, who is my ultimate bias btw, when they’re together?

If the rumors are true about Jessica switching between staying with her family and their dorm, doesn’t she also deserve to have some of that “blame” as much as Taeyeon? Both of them are my top bias, and it’s no secret that I’m a huge TaengSic shipper. But it’s not fair to Taeyeon that everyone is “blaming” her for the lack of the TaengSic moments.

So let’s all be fair about this “blame” game, or let’s not let our imaginations run wild that causes to have “shipping wars” in this awesome fandom. I’ve gone through that, and I don’t want it to happen again. Plus, I don’t want all the this fighting between ships to reach the girls. I’m sure they wouldn’t want that, and might end up not showing us (SONEs) the sisterly affections they give each other in public.

So no more “shipping wars” guys. The most important thing is OT9, and that’s what matters.