To all Kpop fans

As you may or may not have known, Choi Sooyoung has announced that she has an official Tumblr:

Now while frankly this is amazing, PLEASE remember to control yourselves. Meaning do not tag her in posts that have any implication towards the dislike towards either her, a member, or an ex-member. Speaking about the ex-member, for the love of god, do not tag her in any of her pictures. The issue is most likely still very sensitive and the last thing we need, is for Sooyoung to regret making a Tumblr because fans went too far.

Know your limits, and please respect her and respect Soshi who are trying their best to reach out to their fans. Other than that, Choi Sooyoung, welcome to Tumblr!

The REAL Reason Why Most Idols Left 2015 MAMA

A post made on a popular Korean forum site Nate Pann seeks to answer this question.

Original title: The real reason why most artists left MAMA early

The media sources stated that part of the reason for empty seats was the Child Labor Protection Law. Any groups with minors were unable to stay due because they could not appear on live broadcast after 10 PM.

In Hong Kong, minors cannot appear on TV after 22:00 (KST 23:00)

As MAMA ended an hour later than scheduled, most of the rookie groups (iKON, TWICE, Red Velvet, etc.) had to leave.

Other groups had to leave early because schedules and flights.

In MONSTA X’s case, none of their members are minors, and they didn’t have conflicting schedules.