“Before we started going out, I thought my now boyfriend wasn’t interested in me. Then one day, he suddenly showed me one of the books for his major. While I was thinking, ‘why are you showing me this?’ I flipped open to the first page and there was a post-it stuck to the page with a note written on it. I was so surprised that I first shut the book, then opened it back up to read the note. The very last part on the post-it said, ‘go to this page’. That’s how he set up the entire book. Every page had a post it, so I kept following the pages and reading the notes. On the very last page of the book he wrote, ‘will you be my girlfriend?’”

“사귀기 이전엔 제 눈에 제 남자친구가 저한테 관심이 없다고 생각했어요. 그러던 어느날 저한테 갑자기 자기 전공 서적을 보여주는 거예요. ‘이거를 왜 보여주지?’ 생각하면서 첫 장을 펼쳤니, 포스트잇이 붙여져 있었고, 거기에 편지를 써놓은 거에요. 깜짝 놀라서 책을 확 덮었다가 다시 열어서 읽어보니까 포스트잇의 맨 마지막에 ‘몇 페이지로 가봐’라고 쓰여 있더라고요. 그런 식으로 계속 페이지마다 포스트잇이 있어서 계속 따라가면서 읽고 있어보니 책 마지막 페이지에 사귀자고 쓰여 있었어요.”

I am like every other cliche girl in this world - I go in the way of retail therapy when I’m struggling with rough days. I should get Customer of the Year from Lush because I think I just bought out their entire store. At least I know I’ll have soap for…the whole year.

ohhh man, i can’t believe this is even, like —- a / thing /. you’re all so very incredible, & in the short time that i’ve been here, i’ve had a blast. i absolutely love writing with you all, & i know that i’m going to forget to include a few people on here ( && i think we all do when we put these makeshift lists together ), but honestly ? if i could, i would include / all / of you on here, because you’re / all / amazing, & i really do appreciate each & every one of you allowing me the honor to take up a bit of space on your dash. you guys have no idea how much happier you’ve made me these last few months, & i have to thank you for that !!

                          so, without further ado ——

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And the countdown has begun. Last day of shooting Arrow and i’m counting the minutes until i can go home and sleep the next twelve hours. Also thinking about my vacations– Any tips of where i should go?

Oh and– Having your own mother call you, crying over your fake death is the worst thing ever. You’d think she would of had figured out the moment i told her my yoga teacher went all scream on me because i went to the yoga class with blood all over me. Woman wouldn’t rest until i sent her a picture of me giving her the finger. Fine, maybe i didn’t gave her the finger. But i did sent a picture with a very sassy look on my face.