concept: kaneki and hide somewhere warm and happy and far far away from ishida

tg secret valentine gift for @pyunkawa

Signs based off ppl I know 💫
  • Aries:TBH don't let anyone dull your shine. We all know you can do things on your own. You're fun and wild and most of the time, that's a good thing. People around you worry sometimes and that's a good thing. Do you and do it proud.
  • Taurus:you are not boring. People can count on you and you're an amazing person and the people around need to show some appreciation for you !!! You worry about the future a little too much, but it's okay to plan ahead. Remember to live right now, okay? You deserve to be happy !!!
  • Gemini:You never seem to trust the right people and you depend people that aren't going to be there for you. You just need to find someone that will grow with you and will experience things w/ you !! You're creative and sarcastic & You have good taste in music and have weird hobbies and you eat odd foods LMAO
  • Cancer:don't let people hold stuff from the past against you. You change all the time, that's okay. You can be a bit cocky, too. I think you just need to find a place where you can feel safe. You like talking about things that you like. You also do a lot of weird shit lol so you need someone in your life that won't judge you
  • Leo:your desires are going to get you somewhere. You like a little bit of everything. I think you have many talents and your personality attracts an audience. People like you DUDE !!!
  • Virgo:you're one of tHE SWEETEST PEOPLE EVER !!! You're really committed to relationships you feel confident in. You have strong opinions and you take action. You love the people around you and you're creative and really sweet. Ok. You're nice to everyone and you deserve the world TBH
  • Libra:you fall for people that you can't have. It always seems to be the wrong time. This doesn't mean that you won't ever find love, you are loved. You're good at masking your feelings. People love you DUDE !! You have good taste in music and clothes. If you worry less, everything will seem less crazy mAN !!!
  • Scorpio:you're a bit quiet around people you don't necessarily like. When people you care about hurt you, you're hurt but you recover quickly. You're a bit sassy and confident around certain people. You should continue to work hard until you achieve your goals and you're also really freaking CUTE !
  • Sagittarius:you like a bit of everything and you like being the first to do things. Sometimes, you feel trapped but remember that nothing is forever. You need to do things on your own sometimes and that's okay !!! Space is good. You're optimistic. You're honest and you care a lot and one day you'll find your person !!!
  • Capricorn:not everyone is going to love you n that's okay !!! Lots of people do. You're creative and you should start a penny or weird sock collection TBH you work hard and you get what you deserve. Don't focus on the negative PLEASE !!!! 😊
  • Aquarius:you're very opinionated and you can't admit when you're wrong. You're also talented and curious and you're a trendsetter sometimes. Please, think before you speak and never be afraid of showing how you actually feel. You're at your best when you can just be you.
  • Pisces:you're a dreamer. You're intelligent. Don't forget where you started and how you became who you are now. If you ever feel confused, go to someone you trust and talk about it. Sometimes, you need another person's input to have clarity. Don't ever feel like nobody cares about you, because that's not true. 💞

I was born on February 14th, 1978. My father named me Danai, in commemoration of my birth on the day of love and romance; Danai, in my parent’s native tongue, Shona, means to be in love or to love one another. I always embraced this day of teddy bears and excessive red roses as my day. But I have finally figured out a more purposeful meaning of Valentine’s day. This year, and every year to come, I am seeking to reclaim Valentine’s Day, to make it about loving our girls. (x)

Happy 38th Birthday, Danai Gurira! (February 14, 1978)

bts on valentine's day

Namjoon: would try something a little mischievous. He’d completely play off the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day and maybe even shrug it off when you try to bring it up but when you finally are alone you’ll hear a familiar voice and it’s Namjoon whose soft, deep rap is describing everything about you that enchants him and you’ll find that the recording is coming from a computer where there’s a CD playing and a note on the monitor that says ‘I love you~’. When you turn around, Namjoon will be leaning against the door frame with a smile, asking you if you really thought he’d forget today’s Valentine’s Day.

Yoongi: might not even remember about Valentine’s Day until he notice that everyone and everything is colored in reds and pinks and whites and even if you yourself don’t mention it, he’ll drop whatever he’s doing to get to the nearest florist and get you a bouquet of roses so big when he gets back home you can barely see his face because the flowers have hidden it. You’ll giggle, tell him he shouldn’t have, but Yoongi will flusteredly mumble that yes, he should have gotten them even a little earlier… 

Jin: it’s a classic Valentine’s Day activity, but it’s special every year because every year Jin whips out a new recipe he’s been secretly perfecting and he cooks it for you on this special day. Although you try to offer your help, cutting vegetables or even setting plates, Jin refuses each time and just has you sit on the kitchen counter and try bits and pieces of what he has so far to see if you like it. When it’s done, he lights a candle between you two at your humble little dinner table and you spend the evening being thankful for a boyfriend who’s also a great chef. 

Hoseok: get out your matching sweaters that Jin bought you two for Christmas because Hoseok is taking you out ice-skating~! You two will show up bundled in your couple coordinated outfits and Hoseok will help you tie your skates, only to not let go of your hand even when you two are on ice. He’ll do a twirl and maybe a jump here and there to impress you and then you two can huddle together over cups of hot chocolate at the nearby cafe (they’ll probably have heart shaped marshmallows~). 

Jimin: is a hopeless romantic and so his first gift to you will be dinner out at some fancy place that you’re not sure he can totally afford but don’t worry - he’s been saving for this since New Year. And you might think that that’s everything, but then Jimin is pulling you along toward the train and once you get out at a familiar stop you ask him where he’s taking you and well - he points at a ferris wheel, lit up in bright reds for the holiday. Once you two are on the ride, Jimin takes your hand in his and tells you there’s one last surprise: a love poem he wrote - just for you~ He reads it once the ferris wheel gets to the top and it’s so mushy you practically die. 

V: is creative and so you’ll come home to find little wrapped candies on the floor leading a trail to the living room where he’s standing, flowers in hand and with a sketch pad. With every turn of the page, he’ll write how you two first meet and what he saw in you that made him fall in love. It’s a little gesture, but romantic and different nonetheless. You two will enjoy eating candy together and watching sappy reruns later.

Jungkook: is probably the farthest thing from ‘romantically inclined’ although getting your favorite old video games and ordering takeout (this time something a little more expensive, not a lunch menu like he usually tries to get you to go for) is still pretty sincere - even for him. He’s not sure what the hype about this holiday is all about, you guys love each other every day there shouldn’t just be one day where you’re expected to love each other even more, but he shrugs it off and let’s you beat him at a few rounds of mario kart as a gift - that, or he’s just bad and doesn’t want to admit he lost to you for real.